impossible to sleep because its a bumpy bumpy bumpy ride!

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inside the bus, it was very uncomforatble for us, although there were no traffic jams and we rode smoothly to get out of manila, it was dfificult for us, because we didnt left our backpacks at the bus luggage compartment, because all of ben's valuables are inside his backpack and i need my backpack to pulll things out in case if it gets cold like my jumper and shemag. it will be horror if someone stole our backpacks in any stops let alobe ben's because he's carrying 70% of our stuff!

we were seated near the driver's, we passed 2 provinces in a span of 2 hours, bulacan and pampanga provinces, we tried to sleep, i even contorted myself hahahaha and rested my head on ben's shoulder but it didnt worked, it got cold from the super high airconditioning of the bus so we pulled our jumpers on, plus i used my shemag as cover for my thin and hairy legs hahaha plus i put my socks on!

we really really tried to sleep but as soon as our eyes met, we laughed all the time! hahahaha.

in no time, we had our first stopover, in tarlac city! about 3 am! good! so we can stretch our legs, me to smoke and to go to the toilets. when we got out of the bus, it was amazing!!!! 3 am at the terminal lots of people were milling around! i dont know where they were going! but there were like thousands there!

i went out first, so that ben can guard our backpacks, the toilet was fucking full there arent any spaces! haha so i had to wait, then went back to the bus and smoked outside while ben went to the toilet.

when the bus was about to depart, i asked the driver if we can change seats at the back because the bus wasnt full anyway and theres more legroom! he was so nice and said yes, we immediately went there, gathered our packs! why havent i thought of that before?! we had an amazing legroom, plus we can put the backpacks behind our seats!

things were getting pretty smoothly, but then suddenly we stopped! and our bus broke down aaarrrgghhh! we had to wait for about 20 minutes before the bus departed.

then suddenly it hit me, now its next to impossible that we will be able to get sleep, as were seated high at the back and then the hydraulics of the bus was so strong at the back it wasnt a rocking chair feeling, but something like someones pushing us back and forth! arrrgggghhh

our estimated time to arrive at baguio was at 6-6:30 am! but i feel like being crucified again before getting there! and i mean it!

lauro says:
hahahaha! arrghhh they are hairy! ^_^
Posted on: May 23, 2009
bernard69 says:
I'm looking forward to seeing your hairy legs,Lauro:)
Posted on: May 22, 2009
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