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germany!!!! hurrah! *rolls eyes*
i always wake up automatically if the food is going to be served, as always in this case. the flight attendants were handing out menu cards to the passengers. to be honest, i am kinda liking airplane food because for the months of december 2008, march, april and may 2009, ive been living off with airplane nourishments and they all tasted the same. hahahaha. the german guy beside me was always looking at me, but i dont feel violated or something, it feels like he wanted to ask me something but was too hesitant, so i finally asked him if he came from germany (an icebreaker) and he happily said yes, and we began conversing in german. my german was a bit rusty and sometimes i kept mixing the articles into one another but nevertheless the guy said that my german is good, considering i havent spoken it for almost a month, i was happy with the result, and i continued practicing with him, as i am sure, when i arrived back to germany, the schengen border police would question me in german because i am not a tourist and living for so long in germany.

as our conversation got deeper, he told me that he needed someone who can speak english to translate words into german for him and i was happy to help him of course! then the menu came and he asked me whats on the menu and i translated for him apparently were both so german and we both settled for what else?! sausages! hahahaha

this flight has friendly and attentive flight attendants than the flight from manila to doha, funny, i thought. by the way, as customarily, i would again write down the menu card for this flight as requested by my friends who are reading this because qatar airways is so-called one of the worlds 5 star airline, so here it goes:


tropical fresh fruit
fruit yoghurt


potato and cheese frittata with chicken sausages and creamed mushrooms
hasbrown potato

apple and cinnamon filled pancakes
maple syrup

bakery selection

morning roll, croissant
tea or cofee

it wasnt that much on the menu list because the flight is short only about 6 hours but the food selections are excellent for my palate, i could have them all if i wanted hahahaha.

so when the order came, i asked the flight attendant that we both order the sausage. the nice big german guy and me conversed about things, like where we both live in germany, where we had been before the flight and so on. after eating, the guy wanted to watch some programs in the screen, but he could not understand the english settings. so i changed the settings in his screen to german, but to no avail, as eventhough the settings are in german, the programs are still in english, but i told him, there are few german movies there he could watch but he got bored fingering stuff, and he listened to music instead.

looking at him, the guy is almost past 60 years old. i forgot where he had been but also somewhere in asia, and he doenst even speak a word of english, well, it doenst mean that you MUST speak in english to be able to travel but even limited english would do, but him, i admired him for his courage and bravery to go out of the world and just chancing to meet people who speak his language.
ha! good thing my bags didnt get lost, or it will be eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth complain from me! hahahaha

time really flies if your having fun as the case with the german guy beside me, in no time, we passed turkey and the balkan states and finally eastern europe before our destination - frankfurt in germany,

but before that, a small snack was served, some sort of humus bread with filling on it, tasted it and well, it tasted like humus hahahaha. the german guy asked me again so many questions, it was amazing, because honestly i dont like talking to much to people i dont know but it was fun talking to him.

i was listening to a beautiful mantra music which brought tears in my eyes because of the spoken lyrics (tried to find that cd, but i couldnt, lyrics and music faded in my mind but it will be forever in my thoughts) then suddenly the german guy tapped me and said were entering germany! i never felt... so excited. i dont know why. maybe because im going to devour the noodles as soon as i got back from düsseldorf? hahaha i just wouldnt know the answer.

i tried to look and peered into the window because i wanted to see the landspace of germany of how much i miss it. well, considering that the german guy was huge, i couldnt get a good view, and to my surprise, he adjusted himself for me to have a better view! we where laughing at the situation. i never felt comfortable with a person or specifically a stranger in plane rides before. it felt as though i knew the guy in the past, just like neighbors.

as the plane landed in frankfurt, i said goodbye to him, although i knew we would never cross paths again, it was nice to remember that he made an unforgetable trip unforgetable.

before claiming the bags in the schengen zone of europe, people who are not eu citizens are separated from a line. i lined up at the non eu and visa checkpoint. i thought i was going to be asked questions but they just stamped my passport. then i went in and walked in the familiar hallway of the airport, german advertisements greeted me, not only that but everyting german, i couldnt believe i was in 3 different parts of the world in just a day, the far east, the middle east and western europe.

waiting at the baggage belt, i was so embarassed with my checked in bag, because it has full of ropes tied together because the zippers were damaged! hahahahah when i got it, i hurriedly walked towards the exit! then i remember, i still had philippine pesos with me, a couple of thousands, i went to the money changer and exchanged to euros, apparently, i have to buy euros, not exchange them, so i only got half of what i expected, ah it doenst matter, i wanted to get rid of them anyway.

getting out of the airport, breathing the air, smoking and holding tightly my so-thirld-world bag with 20 kilos of noodles..... i felt home, away from home.

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germany!!!! hurrah! *rolls eyes*
germany!!!! hurrah! *rolls eyes*
ha! good thing my bags didnt get l…
ha! good thing my bags didnt get …