heebeejeebies on the way to the mystical and deadly beach.

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we met ted again! this time at the bus station! ahaha
last night we arrived at my place at about 11 pm, we HAVE TO WAKE UP at 4am, so i se the alarm, because we needed to catch the early bus to our last destination, the famous/infamous (for backpackers, campers and trekkers) beach called anawangin, the mystical and deadly beach, our last destination in the philippines. where we have to pass through volcanic landscapes to be able to get there!

ahahhaa it didnt sound too mystical and deadly for us, as the alarm went off at 4 am, we still didnt budge and went to sleep! ahahah, finally after an hour at 5 am, we decided to stretch and go! we already packed our backpacks, including kermit the tent and 4 packs of noodles! so it would be easy in the morning. we didnt had any breakfast or so, because we were really really behind on schedule.
charming arent we?

as we tried to catch a bus to the second point where we have to go to the bus station that goes to the beach, i remembered i dont have cash with me, i only have 3,000 pesos - 50 euros, so we searched banks for atms, problem was, im having a hard time finding a maestro station, when i did, i got 5000 pesos more - 80 euros - so i had about 130 euros with me.

we had so much cash with us, because we dont want to happen the last tme we went camping in the mountains, that we left all our cash behind and we were short on money and basically had to scrape for food. we or mostly i, dont want that to happen again, because i dont want to get hungry while travelling.

the bus station is located at pasay city, the same station that goes to the mountains, the same bus company! victory liner - the best bus line in the philippines.
apparently not too many eager people in our direction! ahahaa
but before getting there, we had to change buses! it was really uncomfortable as we went to the bus stop to catch the next bus as peole were shouting that theres AN AMERICAN ahahahaha riding a bus! i fucking told ben that he has to hold all his belongings, specially the money, as people distracts and then they start to rob unsuspecting victims.

it was already late! we got there at 7 am! i asked the ticket counter if we can get a ticket to san antonio, zambales (place of destination) so unfotunate as we missed the bus by minutes! arrrghhhh i asked her whats the next schedule, she said at 10:30 am, no way! we can possibly go to anawangin when we arrive there at 4 pm, because the waves would be high for a small boat that only sails to anawangin and they really capsize with the strong tide and waves! so i asked if theres a schedule to olongapo and from there catch a bus to san antonio! fortunately its an hourly trip! so were scheduled at 8 am! as we bought the tickets, ted was also there as he's going to baguio! his bus leaves in a couple of minutes but we still chatted! we paid about 210 or 240 pesos (3.5 euros) each for a one way trip!

when ted was gone, i bought some drinks, cigarettes and some munchies for our way. when the conductor finally shouted that were about to board, i went up and asked him if its ok for us to sit in the back again as we have backpacks and more legroom, he was so nice and even assisted us. i also asked him where to catch the next bus to san antonio, and he told me, that in the terminal in olongapo city, buses bound for san antonio are scheduled! i really love this bus company!

as the us rolled, ben and me highfived! its again another great adventure for us!


i only told ben that the beach is "mystical" not deadly to keep his mouth shut (ahaha) or he will be screaming with delight.

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we met ted again! this time at the…
we met ted again! this time at th…
charming arent we?
charming arent we?
apparently not too many eager peop…
apparently not too many eager peo…