heebeejeebies, the art of packing and the story of a lucky rubberduckie.

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shaved and everything so i wont look like a terrorist like the last time! hahaha
finally, today i finished "packing" all my belongings for the philippines, would you believe i have only less han 7 kilos?!!! for 3 weeks of travelling?! of course i have underwears silly. hahahha.

to be honest, i dont know how to fold clothes properly, because i grew up with assistance from caring people who fold my clothes till i was grown up nyahaha. but of course i know how to tie my shoelaces! hahaha. anyway, the trick for me, is to roll my clothes so that it gives more space inside a backpack. the reason why i am carrying my backpack and not bringing anything heavy, is that i am afraid to lose my things again in a long flight, i dont want to have the horrors the last time, i couldnt sleep and relax inside the plane, these heebeejeebies arrrghhh, i was a worrywart all the time, i dont want the ghost of my past haunt me while i want to enjoy my trip! i dont have any toothpastes, perfumes, sunblocks or any liquid states for the matter, ill just buy in the philippines, since every commodities are cheap!

since my mode of transportation everytime i travel are planes, i mastered the art (hahaha) of going through securities, because the security cops gave me the heebeejeebies always as if they found something in me, i learned this while i was in charles de gaulle airport! so before leaving, NO METALS whatsoever in my fingers or in my body, they have to go for a while (thats why i removed my lipring *sniff*)

and i could never ever ever forget my lucky charm in travel! would you believe it's a duck?! hahaha.
yup yup yup! thats my bag! ^_^

the lucky rubber duckie was given to me by one of my great friends in germany, rossy, she said that this duck is lucky and it will always save me from every unfortunate incidents.

it was amazing, since the day she gave me that duck (i dont have a nickname for it, i just call it duck! hahaha) after a few hours it proved that it was really lucky! when i got home after meeting rossy and friends, it was a wild time in germany since it was the european champions cup, turkey won the game, and lots of turks were rioting, of all the things i forgot that time was my passport! while i was walking home, a bunch of cops thought i was turkish! arrrghh, they stopped me on the streets, and i was small and they were 4x bigger than me, i was pinned to the police car while they searched me, they asked for me passport but i dont have it, i was dreading to come with them to the precinct and be tortured with sooo many questions.
ready to hit the 35°c in the philippines!!!!
when one cop odered me to open my plastic bag, they saw the rubber duckie there! and let me go! hahahahahahaha

but not only that, some are:

1. it was in my same backpack as we travelled to spain/portugal, we got lost inside portugal but we always find our way back, we were almost hit by two cars inside spain and almost died at the last one, but we didnt!

2. the duck was in my trolley when it was lost last year. but after three days i found my trolley while other people lost their luggages forever!

talk about lucky!!!

so of course, the duck has to come! hahaha.
the duck!

so on wednesday i have to travel from düsseldorf to frankfurt, because i booked the ticket from there coz its 100 euros cheaper, then from frankfurt to doha, qatar where i am now already dreading the 20 hours stopover then finally to manila!


aanders9 says:
Posted on: Jul 28, 2009
sarahelaine says:
here he is... http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/21857/photos/view/58/4 but he's with his dad at teh moment!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
lauro says:
take a pic of crispy fried! ahahaha
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
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shaved and everything so i wont lo…
shaved and everything so i wont l…
yup yup yup! thats my bag! ^_^
yup yup yup! thats my bag! ^_^
ready to hit the 35°c in the phil…
ready to hit the 35°c in the phi…
the duck!
the duck!
yay im booked! ^_^
yay im booked! ^_^