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charming arent we?
as we departed olongapo, the bus was so crammed! we looked liked packed sardines! OR WORSE, CHICKENS IN A COOP! ahahaha. lots of people stared longingly at the empty seat between me and ben with the packs sitting on it. i am not a bad person, but in this casei wont give this empty seat in! i mean, there arent even any rooms for the bags on the bus, i really wont carry the backpacks in our legs, i looked apologetic to the people, while eating my peanuts! ahahaha.

speaking of peanuts, i teared open the whole plastic bag, i looked like a rat chewing. i miss the boiled peanuts badly, because its hard to find raw peanuts here in germany, usually in the groceries, they are packed already and roasted, i tried boiling the roasted peanuts once, but it didnt turned out good, they shriveled! ahaha.
ben looking cool! ^_^ as he enjoyed so much the philippine countryside!
but in this case, i was savoring the taste of boiled peanuts, ooohh yummy sweet and salty in my greedy mouth!

after olongapo city, we drove to a another city or municipality?! or town?! or zone?! i dont know! ahaha its called subic bay metroplitan area blah blah, it was a former naval base of the americans in the philippines. it is very strict here in subic, as i had been here countless times, with my friends from the neighborhood as one friend owns (?) a beach resort in the area. the ruling party here, as ive said is very strict, you cannot throw thrash on the streets, follow the traffic rules and very orderly and if someone break the rules, that person will be fined or put to jail - IM NOT KIDDING.

as we were enjoying the scenery of subic, because its very beautiful, but its a beach playground for people WHO HAVE MONEY and we dont have money ahahaha.

as i was nibbling the peanuts, across me was a mother a three children with her. they were looking at me while i am eating the peanuts, i tried to look away but i kept looking back at them. i wanted to give them peanuts, but when i looked at my lap, there arent any hardly left, all was eaten by my greedy mouth, i looked at them sheepishly and smiled. i dont have any food to give them, i felt so guilty! but as soon as the bus stopped and some vendors came in with food to sell, their mother bought them something to eat. good! no i didnt felt gulty anymore!

now the problem was, i had all these peanut shells scattered on my lap, i cant put it back at the plastic bag as i destroyed opening it. so riding in the bus with peanut shells on my lap was really uncomfortable. i dont want to throw thew at the floors, it would be really embarassing!

so im just waiting for the opportunity to get out of subic before i throw them at the window! ahahahaha.

then finally! we were out of subic! i collected all the peanut shells with my little hands and asked ben, as he was sitting in the window, to throw them for me. he obliged.

as he took all the peanuts shells and threw them out of the window, suddenly there was a gust of strong wind as the bus drove faster, all the peanut shells came flying to the passengers at the back!!!!! ahahahahah ahahahaha. ben and me ducked our heads and laughing uncontrollably like giggling girls. ahahahah ahahah ahahaha were fucking embarassed! ahaha i made him an accomplice, although i was the one eating peanuts, he was the one who threw the shells! ahahahah ahahahha

i swear i wouldnt eat peanuts in the bus again! ever! ahahahaa

lauro says:
haha ito ang masayang adventure ko no hold barred to lahat - action drama comedy haha
Posted on: Apr 09, 2013
cotton_foam says:
sira ka talaga Lau!!!! Hahahaha!!!! At ang damot damot mo pa di ka na naawa Sa mga bata!! Hahaha!!
Posted on: Apr 09, 2013
lauro says:
hindi namin kasalanan! hinangin kaya yung balat! ahaha
Posted on: Jun 21, 2009
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charming arent we?
charming arent we?
ben looking cool! ^_^ as he enjoy…
photo by: lanieinthesky