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i was already praying that hopefully i wouldnt have any misadventures before my trip would EVEN start, and yet, the stars were align again, i bet! hahahaha

there were so many misadventures before/on my trips some examples were diarrhea and high fever at dubai airport (hahaha), security police crammed all over me at düsseldorf airport because i forgot to take out my mobile in my shorts in the security check in, security police again in düsseldorf thinking i was a smuggler and ripped my bag apart, almost detained in athens airport because they security police doenst understand that i have a resident permit in germany, waited for an hour in the skybridge in schiphol airport in DEEP winter and i dont have nay jacket with me, because i left it at manila, so i was only wearing tshirt while it was snowing outside before they let the non eu passports in, then waiting for 4 hours ALONE in barajas airport because my friends flights were delayed. but the highlight of them all, was that air france lost my bloody luggage and they diverted my flight to beijing instead of hongkong.

..... and now, verdammt nochmal, last early morning, i woke up with pain in my cheeks, i had a bloody tooth ache from eating pancakes with lots of maple syrup. arrrrgggghhhh. and i have to work early because i have a fieldtrip with the elementary children in the aquazoo, good thing that i still have medicines, took one capsule, after an hour, it was gone and went back to  sleep, then after like 30 minutes its hurting again, so i took again another capsule until came the time my clock would ring. needless to say, i didnt had any sleep. i cant eat too because the taste of that fucking capsule was icky.

i was like a zombie working, the kids were like cats and dogs inside the aquazoo didnt helped either. i was in pain all the time, and i am scared and frustrated if i would have to cancel my trip, but so far so good, pain is easing for a bit, i swear, i would never ever put maple syrup again in the pancake! arrrrghhhhhh! damn it, i bought the bio one, so that its helping the environment and honest production, arrrggghhhh its a fasting for me, and wouldnt also eat creme brulée and pannacota for a time! arrrghhh! torture torture!

being sick makes me triple lazy, actually, i retrieved my lost bag from airfrance with lots of help and thats in december and still.. i havent unpacked it yet! hahahaha and thats the same luggage i will use, but im so... lazy ^_^

i will pack tomorrow.. maybe two hours before i leave, i hope and pray that this bloody tooth ache would go away!


my bad.....

bad bad bad sign ^_^

i have 666 friends! hahahahaha



packing woes

my greatest adversary on a trip is PACKING, why? because i dont know how to fold clothes hahaha and i am the MOST chaotic person in the world, my clothes just lie on the floor and i dont recognize them anymore if they are washed or to be washed. hahahaha.

then weather forecast said its gonna snow in vienna so i have to bring a bulky winter jacket, leather gloves and my alternative gloves and raining in bratislava and budapest.

a small day pack for my trip in the weekend to eastern europe, some noodles, bonnets and caps in case of rain, MEDICINES - i dont know lately i have pains and fever attacks ang a thick blanket because i will be staying with my friend's little flat and he doenst have an extra blanket for me :( hu hu hu hu.

already loading my cam and dowloaded new songs for my mp3 player! ^_^

my flight is at 8pm! yes i love evening flights no pressure to wake up early! arrrgghhhh
lauro says:
hahahahahah never air france again for long distance flights! hahaa
Posted on: May 03, 2009
vodkaphix says:
The personal tragedies are are unfortunately all part of the big journey! I love your blog and your SoH!
Posted on: May 03, 2009
bernard69 says:
thanks AF:))
Posted on: Mar 28, 2009
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