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sunrise in amazing philippines!
i had a nice chat with the stern man beside me, i always call him sir, actually only his face was stern, but he's a nice man, well educated and conversed! prying into each other's lives, i told him my story and his story was that he's based in manila but working in doha, qatar, wow - i wish my work was like that! hahaha.

the flight was so smooth, there wasnt any turbulence of any kind, i slept like a baby, ate like a king and very much rested. as the plane neared the philippines, it was dawn and i can see the sunrise coming out from my window, it was so beautiful, as the light gently touches my country, i was never in my life so much excited about being home again.

there werent any heebeejeebies getting out of customs, because i didnt had anything with me except for my backpack! hahah the customs were a bit dissapointed that i dont have anything that they can take away from me! hahaha

at the arrival area, my driver was late for about 30 minutes, and it was so fucking hot at dawn! arrggghh i dont care what the people would think of me, but i removed my shoes and socks, stuffed them in the duty free and wore my slippers! im dying to get out of my jeans! and when the driver came, together with my cousin, i was so relieved to get in the air conditioned van, excaping the humidity!

i arrived at 6 am, but ben would arrive at 10 am, so i still have 4 hours to do some things, like change, take a shower and eat warm breakfast.
nina!!!! travbuddy: aoisoba and me at the airport!

at 9 am, i set off again together with my driver, to fetch ben! it was so hot and humid that i couldnt eat properly! i was vommiting and my head was spinning, i tried to drink a bit at a fastfood chain in the arrival area, then i got an unexpected phone call! it was not ben but from a good friend at travbuddy! NINA! we were talking about meetng up in the airport because its the same date that were arriving but never a concrete time, but she was already there!

we met up and i hugged her so tightly! it was amazing to meet nina! we were endless talking about stuff until her father fetched her up and ben was still nowehere to be found at 10 am!

after nina left, it still took 30 god damn minutes until ben finally showed up!

i called his name loudly to get his attention! when we finally saw each other we hugged for the first tim since we travelled germany and belgium!

it was so nice to finally meet him again and the first thing that came out of his mouth was that is fucking hot and humid in the philipines! hahahahaha.

so we finally headed to the van, introduced him to the philippines and set our way to las piƱas where my house inside the capital is located!

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sunrise in amazing philippines!
sunrise in amazing philippines!
nina!!!! travbuddy: aoisoba and me…
nina!!!! travbuddy: aoisoba and m…
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