i feel like paralyzed but it feels like hypnotized.

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from austria to hungary and beyond.
i got hungry again in the train, good thing i only ate half of the semmelwurst sandwhich i bought, now i am eating the other half. plus i opened my bag of buggles nacho cheese! yum yum yum! hahaha. the next stop of our train was at györ, hungary. i looked at the window, it was still a bit raining and clouds hovering the dark sky.

at györ, the train picked up more passengers, then for the first time at the entire trip, two hungarians sat 2 rows from me, and i took out the earpiece from my mp3, and listened to them talking. well it was still obscure to hear as the train was noisy. darn, the language is still elusive!

looking out from the train, it as just a different contrast from where i had been, in austria, there, everything was neat, orderly, even the houses on the countryside were fully renovated, spacious and the horses have nice stables and the animals have neat stalls. as the train was passing hungary, the houses in the countryside were in shambles, the tiles on the roofs are missing, and they are different in color! in austria, the tiles are red and the houses are white on the countryside but in hungary, they are pale yellow but dark grey roof tiles!

this was strange, eventhough i am inside the train, i can smell the horses and the animals from outside. it feels so homey in the farms and countryside of hungary, it feels like people live there making hot soups and dinner unlike the "cold" setting of the farms in austria. still pristine and untouched. and the most amazing thing of all is that, there are alot of industrial and abandoned buildings scattered here and there in the countryside.

i had never been to eastern europe, well i HAD but in 2007 in bratislava, slovakia, but it was a long time ago and only a short ride from vienna and to be honest i had not seen much. but this time, i had a perfect opportunity to savor everything what lies between me, yes i am greedy.

going deep into hungary, i am amazed by what i was seeing. this land is very unknown to me. i had been to many stunning landscapes in europe, though comparing them to the landscape of hungary, hungary's landscape doenst match them at all. but there's something in it.

it is still winter, and the trees are leafless and lifeless, giving somewhat an eerie atmosphere to the land, but very strange and curious, there were tall grass everywhere but there were golden yellow, amidst the black earth of hungary, plus the green grass scattered across the horizon of grey skies. it was enigmatic. i would not be surprised if this was the reason why the empress elisabeth loves hungary much more than austria.

still moving further and further into the heart of hungary which is budapest, the landscape is mesmering, sort of hypnotizing. it was unbelievable for a small country of hungary to have that and i did not regret having a long train ride. in the horizon i saw medium sized mountains, but to my window, small farms, single farm houses, animals, cattles and horses, small communities with run down houses and smoke billowing out from their chimneys.

amazing, just amazing. hungary instantly became one of my favorite countries. beautiful and haunting landscape.

lauro says:
yes thats why partly i dont like hostels. i befriend travbuddies from all over the world and maybe they can offer me accomodation and in exchange cultural experiences!
Posted on: May 03, 2009
vodkaphix says:
What was going through your mind on the train trip in the video, which was really cool by the way! I took the same train trip in winter of 2007/8 on a 3 day trip to Budapest. I was alone and it was cold at minus 20c. The hostel accomodation was drab and I never slept for 3 days due to other clients partying non-stop. I will have to return to Budapest another time!
Posted on: May 03, 2009
lauro says:
hahahaha :P i was the only one in my car!!!!! so i can do whatever i want! :P
Posted on: Mar 17, 2009
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from austria to hungary and beyond.
photo by: delsol67