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there are no words to thank the wonderful friends i met. till next time!
so i landed safely and unscathed in düsseldorf, germany. went to the exit gates and the familiar halls of my favorite airport in europe greeted me.

i am back again in my "home".

i went to the luggage belt area and waited for my bag. it took some time, before my bag came out, i got nervous about losing it again but then again, austrian airlines never failed to exceed my expectations. simply the best airline in europe.

once i got my bag of course, i was controlled by security police as i am not an e.u. citizen, but everything went smoothly, i am back where high german is spoken, i will miss the vienna dialect of german once more and the vienna atmosphere.

looking back at the events happened to me, it added again to one of my unusual trips around europe. i traced a small part of the empress elisabeth's old empire - the empire of austria-hungary.

very peculiar what i have learned about the names of the former empire in 4 different countries i had been to:

czech : rakousko-uhersko
german : österreich-ungarn
hungarian : osztrák-magyar monarchia
slovak : rakúsko-uhorsko

a fascinating history.
back to düsseldorf airport.

i thought in the beginning, that this was going to be easy for me. because i speak conversational german, i thought it would carry me with ease throughout this extraordinary journey. but once again i was wrong. it was also a humbling experience for me to listen to stories of struggles of my countrymen in vienna, meeting strangers along the way, an extraordinary train ride that made me fell in love with the country of hungary. changing my opinion i had with bratislava, friendships made, friendships strengthened, and my tender heart  fell in love again.

this trip is my first in 2009. i still remembered saying in 2008 that after reaching my ultimate dream journey, i would stop travelling for a while, and then an incident happened in my life, that i thought would take away the joy inside me of seeing the world again.

my philosophy in life always puts me back to my adventurous sense, life is too short, enjoy the most of it.
the german sbahn.
even if i would go broke in the end, money is only money, i can earn it again, but the experiences i had gathered throughout these extraodinary trips would remain priceless.

i would like to thank so many, so many, so many people along the way:

ariel - thank you very much for accomodating me in vienna, and being a good friend. i wish you more luck than what you already have in your life.

arthur - thank you that you played almost an hour of classical music in your grand piano only for me. thank you for playing my favorite classical music piece of all, für elise. thank you for that wonderful evening of conversation over a glass of water! hahahaha. thank you for showing me the beauty of vienna through your art. bravo.

lukas - i will thank you because you are one of the children of heaven.

livia - i dont know what to say, youve showed me the beauty of the queen of the danube, your hometown, budapest.
inside the german sbahn.
i will never forget our misadventures. you are a pefect travel buddy!

martin - ive already said what to you what i want to say here, but i will repeat again, first of all, the german language strenghtend our friendship. we may not communicate often, but there will always be a connection. youve changed the picture of bratislava 360°. i saw bratislava not as a tourist but a friend of you.

dan - eventhough you are very quiet, your hidden sense of humor shows everytime you make those "moves" hahaha. i enjoyed my time with you together with martin, eventhough we only met for a short time, i felt comfortable in your presence, i have found a friend in you.

klara - thank you so much for the neverending help you gave to me researching about the area of moravia in czech republic. it was a shame that it had to end that way of my time visiting your country. but do not worry, in all of my travels in this time, that was the most exciting part of all! i promise i will be back again.

to the romanian guy i didnt even asked  the name - thank you for keeping me busy and your company inside the 2 hour train ride from budapest to bratislava, it made the boring trip shorter with our interesting conversation, thank you for giving me a remembrance, a romanian money, 1 leu, that i shall treasure (i hope it doesnt get lost! hahaha)

budapest - you are such one amazing city! you belong now in the list of my favorite cities ive visited in europe! the one and only queen of the danube!

bratislava - i am not scared anymore of you! haha kidding, ive seen you more than the last time i saw you. i saw the hidden beauty behind the fears i had in the past.

breclav - going back again will be the sweetest revenge, you really scared me, but i hope next time if i am back, i will be the one to scare you! hahaha.

vienna - you will always always always be the one.

to my loyal readers and friends in travbuddy - i dont know how to thank you all for the comments, the smiles and the endless humor and wit of your comments to my entries and pictures. i promise i will give everytime new and fresh perspective and ideas for you to enjoy and continue reading my blogs. salut!

thank you my precious memories, i may have not captured them on pictures, but i have captured them in my heart.

well, i guess that wrap things up for the first part of my journey. this may be the end of a chapter, but the ending will be the beginning of a new something.

lauro says:
kathryn: i am glad that you like the video! i just cant get enough of 80s songs in my head! hahaha
Posted on: Mar 29, 2009
lauro says:
kora: danke sehr! danke dass du immer bei meinen blogs dabei bist!
Posted on: Mar 29, 2009
lauro says:
ted: sana pinasalamatan ko rin ang hair and make-up ko ano?! hahahahahaha
Posted on: Mar 29, 2009
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there are no words to thank the w…
back to düsseldorf airport.
back to düsseldorf airport.
the german sbahn.
the german sbahn.
inside the german sbahn.
inside the german sbahn.