i'm crashing like a tidal wave that drags me out to sea.

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it is not the end, it is the begnning.
it is only fitting that i finish my blog on this date. because at this date, i celebrate my 5th year of living in europe. alot of things has happened in my life during these years. its wasnt for the good, neither wasnt for the worst. i had experienced all the joys and pains in the world, living here in europe.

somehow i find it strange and funny, that if all the travels i did in 2009, will always bring me back to 2008. where my life has changed forever. 2008 was a great paradox, i lived my greatest dream in life, and yet, it was at the expense of the person who gave life to me. it was the biggest joke that slapped into my face. i thought i would not recover from it. i thought it was the end for me, the end of endless and tiring but rewarding journeys, of seeing and experiencing all the beautiful things in the world.
arthur played for me "comptine d'un autre été" the soundtrack of the movie "amelie" in vienna. danke schön arthur hast die graziösen hände dieser welt.

in this dark hour, so many helpful souls gave me encouragement, friends i made from travbuddy, believe it or not, they became my true friends, through thick and the thickest. their words gave me strength to move on and enjoy life while i still can.  i know two friends will really be angry at me, for i will mention them here no matter what, because i owe them much, they really gave me money, and they said, that it was not a donation, but money for me to go out and explore the world, they want to see me smile and see the world again. i was touched.

thank you very much my readers and friends who followed this blog from start to finish, i appreciate it. your smiles on the pictures and funny comments made my day. it wasnt the greatest and memorable travel i had because it could not top when i visited spain and the place of my roots, but this trip was the most interesting of all.

i always make aknowledgements at the end of my long trips, for the people who helped me, guided me and with me in every directions and paths that my feet had carried me and for also strangers and souls who i met along the way who contributed to my frustrations hahahaha and laughter.
i can see the world and smile again.

of course the first friends are to be alex and bennie - i know you guys would be angry at me for writing your names, but through this, i appreciated all your thoughts, gestures and generosity. i know the amounts you gave to me will not be disclosed, but i will treasure that day, when you guys said to me, that you wanted to see the smile light up in my face again. i owe you guys, i do. i can never repay you, but i will try my best to be there whenever you need me.

vanessa and pavel - thank you so much guys for the tips and guides you gave me at doha international airport, specially you pavel of how i can manage to keep myself busy with a long stopover at the airport and thanks to you vanessa - for all the help dealing with the personal service of qatar airways - you even called your colleagues to ask questions which i had asked of you.
i'm crashing like a tidal wave that drags me out to sea.
i truly appreciate all your help. may you help more people in travbuddy, because its a site for like minded travelers who need tips. may your knowledge shine!

klara - it was such a dissapointing end to my eastern europe trip as i did not get to visit your hometown of mikulov, after all the tips and advices you gave me, i couldnt do it in the end. i really promise you, one of these days, that i will go back again and retrace all my steps - but i will remember to have .5 cents of czech koruny for the public toilets! ahahaha

henning and lucian! ahahahahaha the guys of düsseldorf - it was so much hanging with you all in karneval this year!!! it lightened me up before my trip - we should meet again - good times!

lori and matt - oh lori it was so good to see you again! after our amazing and unforgetable trip in spain and portugal! it was nice to catch up with you and you still look radiant as ever! and matthew lol! i would never forget the potato salad you made it was really yummy - i hope we can travel to iceland together with amazing tbs next year! thank you guys for visiting me in düsseldorf! very much appreciated!

martin and dan - hahahaha you two are a dynamic duo in bratislava! i would never forget my first night seeing you guys, you mademe  walk all through bratislava withouth a pause! hahahaha. and martin my god! i think you are a travbuddy that i met so many times already! i think we met like 5x lol?! hahaha oh youre not a travbuddy anymore - you are a true friend. ich bedanke dir gurke!

livia - thank you so much for entertaining me in budapest! although we met only for a couple of hourse, you took time to show me the wonderful sights in the city! getting lost and being stuck inside the dark subway for 30 minutes was laughable and scary at the same time! but it was a wonderful memory! you became my favorite hungarian after that and budapest as became one of 5 favorite places in europe. thanks liv, i promise i will be back again!

the filipino travbuddies! who can forget them?! oh you are so many! but i wanted to thank you all for coming to the meet up! and having such a wonderful time - having to speak tagalog again and blurting jokes in tagalog was one the best thing that happened to me in the philippines! i miss the language so much!

ted - thanks a lot kuya, i know you dont want me to thank you, but i will do, thanks for the amazing hospitality you gave to me and ben while we were at manila - being our tour guide and offering to take us halfway home with your car everytime we meet, it wasnt much for you, but it means a lot to us. thank you kuya.

isabel and ana - it was very dissapointing that we hadnt traveled together in the philippines as we planned, but meeting for one night and getting drunk and making fun of ben in tagalog - hahah sorry ben ^_^ was a night to remember - thank you lowlas!

and for the friends, strangers and people i met outside of travbuddy:

my friend ariel in vienna, thank you so much for letting me stay again in your cozy flat, though we didnt get some time to spend some days together, it was good to see you again! you will be my bestest filipino friend in europe.

lukas - i got lost in vienna finding your flat at midnight, was raining and cold in late winter. but it was rewarding in the end, because we had such a great time together discussing so many things! eventhough you kept kicking me in the bed that i havent even slept all through the night! lol, danke dir süßer, es war eine unvergessliche nacht.

arthur - you showed me the real vienna, the sophistication of the city that i will always always always love, by playing the piano piece for me "comptine d'un autre été" and having a private concert for me in your home. danke danke danke danke schön!

the romanian guy in the train frm budapest to bratislava! i would never forget you! thank you for the company inside the train - the boring ride wasnt all boring because of you! thank you for entertaining me about your beautiful home country romania and showing pictures of beautiful places in your phone! and THANK YOU for giving me a remembrance of 1 romanian lei - eventhough i lost things easily, i kept that souvenir hidden. thank you.

the unfriendly toilet ladies in breclav, the woman at the ticket counter in brno and the train station in breclav in czech republic - my god! i feel like i stepped into the hostel movie! lol it was damn scary but you made my trip colorful as enough as it is! i suppose i dont have to thank you, but i still! if it werent for you people, i would never revive again the legendary misadventures of lauro! thank you! you made me, me - again.

my relatives in iloilo province, the staff at western visayas science and technology institute and the salcedo family - your endless generosities and hospitalities showed the true filipino. doing things for the good of others withouth expecting something in return. and to the salcedo family who offered us their private island for free. thank you thank you thank you thank you very much.

the daoas family in sagada - manang katrina and her daughter bogan - thank you very much for your hospitality and treating us like one of your kins while me and ben were in sagada, the stories, the laughters, the jokes, i will never forget it, least of all manang katrina, with her - i find a new mother deep in the mountains of the place which i call home in the philippines.

kuya rico - the honest boatman in anawangin, who did not ripped us of the boat prices - may you live long and earn more from your labor of honesty!

im sure there are still so many people i forgot along the way! eventhough i could not or vaguely remember anymore, your contributions to my trip in eastern europe and me and ben's amazing, fantastic, bizaare and out-of-words experience and adventures in the philippines made my trip very interesting and unusual. thank you very much.

to my readers who followed the blog from end to finish, thank you very much.

and the three important persons in my life who made this impossible trip possible:

ben, you are a one of a kind person, it was amazing to travel with you together, eventhough we bicker like girls and argue in the middle of the streets, it was so much fun. i never had a person like you that i had traveled with. naturally gifted with humor, sarcastic but really funny. i dont know if we would travel again in the future, but thank you for all. just thank you. you will always always always be mentioned whenever i write and speak of my travels. you are ben frankel, just a boy in everyone's eyes, but to me, you are greater than anyone else. i wish you luck in your life ben.

.................. and of course to my father, the only family i have. thank you so much father, for being cool (sometimes icy) emotions in handling my panicky self. were not really close to each other, because you were always away. but since mother was gone, eventhough were thousands of miles apart, an invisible thread connects us to each other, never before we communicated almost everyday. i just want to thank you for being my father. i have to admit that we are a very eccentric family, the three of us arent close to each other, we have secrets that only ourselves knew, i remember when i was 19, when we had a face to face talk, but i couldnt look you in the eye and all those lies i said. but since mom left us, i know that she wants it this way, to bring us back together. i know it may sound corny, and i cant say it face to face but i love you father.

mom, here i am again, writing and writing. i dont know why i kept coming back to 2008, it was really so painful to me. in the beginning it was hard for me to smile, it was hard for me to laugh and most of all hard for me to face the world. but i know you would not approve of that, and i know wherever you are, you want to see me smile and see the world again. it was hard mom, it was. but everytime i bring myself  into the shadows of doubt, i always see you standing right next to me, holding me with your loving arms, encouraging me to move on and forget about the past, well, i could never forget the past mom, but it will give me the strength and courage to face the future.

...................... i remember the sound of your crisp laughter, your cares when i was sick, reading your letters with your beautiful handwriting.. and so many more memories.. these memories whether it'd be good or bad will always remain with me. like what i said in the beginning, i thought losing you would take away the joy and would stop me from seeing and feeling the beautiful things on this earth, but it was not to be, because you will always be there, smiling and continuing to encourage me to go and not to look back, smile and see the world again, and long for the longing which i always long to be..... like a crashing tidal wave that drags me out to sea.

yes, like a crashing tidal wave that drags me out to sea.

*in the 19th of july 2009, the writer narrowly escaped hitting a car by millimeters and saw left and right cars crashing into each other in germany's worst motorway accident where 66 people were hurt and 21 other people were seriously injured. life is strange.*

lauro says:
thank you ^^
Posted on: Dec 16, 2012
Kamaaina12 says:
just amazing ...
Posted on: Dec 15, 2012
lauro says:
klara - yes i have to battle the bad guys in czech republic again! and this time i will .5 cents! ahahahahaa
Posted on: Sep 13, 2009
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