comedy of errors, laugh of my lifetime and our flight was f@@king cancelled! arrgh

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my camera was damaged! arrrghhh not happy not happy at all!
as drove away from the farm back to the airport of iloilo province at santa barbara, it was already dusky. it reminded me, not long ago of our roadtrip into the mountains in portugal, beautiful provincial and rural scenery in the philippines, needless to say, i am very contented with what happened in our short stay in iloilo.

then suddenly, at the back of my shorts, where i kept my digital things, camera and mobile, something really snapped hard. but i ignored it, i thought it was just nothing, so i continued to enjoy the ride.

we arrived at the airport at half past 6 pm. i got the things my aunt wanted me to bring back to germany, plus she bought so many delights from iloilo to keep us fat and strong. ahahaha.
chaos at cebu pacific counter at 10 pm!
but i was really hungry for real food, i asked the lady at the store before the check in if they have restaurants in the aiport and she said yes. sounds good! all i need is food and im happy!

at the first check in, the security guard was not sure if ben was the picture on his passport ahahaha because ben was still a kid there like 16 years old and shaved and short haired while now, he is well, HAIRY. ahahahaha. we said goodbye to my aunt and palangga for the last time! i will miss iloilo so much and the hospitality of the people!

getting in was so many blah blah blah, we have to pay airport taxes blah blah, taking everything out including slippers to the xray machine which i really find so outrageous.

when we checked in, we found a restaurant that served heavy food! now thats what i like, ben ordered carbonara while i had palabok - a filipino noodle specialty with shrimp sauce! yummy!

as we finished eating, suddenly a man sat with us and really talked to us! ahahahaha.
people dont know how to fall in line!
he was asking stupid questions, which definitely he knows the answers. so i excused myself and let ben talk to him, ahaha  i find it annoying and irrelevant, so i tried to find a smoking area and i found one! actually there were two from end to end. i went to the posh one! ahaha the marlboro lounge.

when i sat down and tried to look at our pictures from our trip, i just couldnt believe it. I REALLY JUST COULDNT BELIEVE IT. the snap i heard from the truck was THE LCD OF MY CAMERA CRACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know whether to laugh or cry because in just two years, it was my 4th camera that was destroyed and this camera was the most expensive and the most memorable, because i bought it in cedeira, spain, the first thing i bought speaking in spanish, the helpful wonderful lady who gave me a discount and helped me, a nice galician man who talked to me in spanish and he said i came from the philippines while listening the way i talked in spanish chatting with him, while the saleslady was wrapping the camera ALL THESE MEMORIES JUST BURST INTO A FUCKING BUBBLE! i was about to cry then suddenly i got up and went back to ben who was still talking to the guy, i sent the guy away because i need to talk to ben.
theres nothing we could do but SMILE! ahahahahaa
then ben looked worried as he saw me teary eyed, then i told him my camera was damaged, and he turned back into his poker face! ahahaha

but somehow i told ben that i was really because that camera was my only remembrance from spain, well except for the memories of course, but that camera meant a lot to me. i was really, i dont know, spaced out inside the airport, i cant even talk. then ben suddenly stood up and took me with him surprisingly to the smoking area, he said to me, i smoke the situation away and i will feel better, that was nice of ben! but when he opened the door of the smoking area, he turned back because the smell was aweful ahahahaha, that really made me smile, and inspite of the smell, he still went with me to the smoking area, and he let me listen to a song from the mp3, eventhough i coundlt understand what the song was really all about, i really appreciated ben's gesture and its getting cold now at the airport and he gave me his jumper for me to cover my body.

then there was a commotion, the flight before us was cancelled, then suddenly, 30 minutes before our flight, the boarding announced wasnt yet announced and im getting nervous, because i want to go to manila as soon as possible.

there were lots of people cramming at the check in counter, then staff from cebu pacific with walkie talkies coming to and fro. ben wnated to read a book, so he was in a quiet place and i went to the marlboro lounge and smoked and ordered chicken sandwhich because i got hungry again. i only ate the half and went to ben and gave him the half. he derserved it, for being the bestest in the world.

after an hour, they announced that our fucking flight was cancelled! it was the most stupidest thing i heard in my life, because they could have announced it earlier, why wait for one hour? then all of a sudden, peoplel started talking and complaining and it was getting chaotic.  the announcement said that we have to go down the check in of cebu pacific.

the last two flights had been cancelled for the day, so we were less than 400 people! oh my god!

so cebu pacific decided to give ALL THE PASSENGERS hotel rooms to spend the night with, and if they could get the boarding passes so that they could reserve a hotel room, then suddenly the people just crowded around the poor guy! they didnt fell in line, just shoving their boarding passes in fron of the guy's face and there were 400 passengers! ahahahahahah. if i wouldnt be so tick about having our flight cancelled i would have laughed so hard, but i cant, my camera was fucking damaged and i remembered my cancelled flight at air france where my baggage was lost and i ended up landing at beijing instead of hongkong ahahahaha - remembering that i told ben to get our luggage! because it might be lost! so eventhough its not allowed, i demanded our luggages to be taken out, and most of the people did the same! that was impossible as no one thought of that idea! if i didnt do it! no one would! ahahahaha

there was this was dutch guy, who kept on droning about how unorganize the filipinos where! ahaha and that filipinos dont fall in line as they were told, well actually he was right. but his ego was so big that its like "ok im white and im superior to everybody" it didnt also helped that his flexing his so called muscles with his big belly together with his prostitute girlfriend! ahahaha

that evening got even more colorful as the two biggest tv stations came and interviewed people, they interviewed this dutch guy and he really was saying on national tv that the philippines is not a good country blah blah blah! ahahahaha ahaha.

as the people wehere given hotels and all, and the crowd becoming thinner every 30 minutes, i had to sms my aunt saying that our flight was cencelled and were still waiting for our hotel, she answered back saying she will go to the airport immediately.

ben was so cool in the situation, he was just sitting and reading a book, while me going in and out smoking.

at 10 pm, people started complaining that they were hungry and thirsty, of course the shops are closed by that time. so what i did, i opened my aunts bag of delights and starting handing people some biscocho cookies. this is a common filipino trait, called "pakikisama" i dont know how to translate it in english, but still part of hospitality, and im just giving it back to the people of iloilo of how they were nice to us.

then one guy kept pacing back and forth and forth and back and ben told me to look at the guys nose, and ben said he never saw a person with the flatest nose in his life and it looked like he ran into a wall. ahahahahah ahahahahah hahaahahah i shouldve hated ben for saying that and what a rascist he was but due to the sticky situation, i couldnt helpt but laugh. ahahha.

my aunt came and was waiting for us outside the airport, so i went out, and i told her we were just waiting for our hotel, i was so hungry, and my aunt was so concerned looking at my state! ahahahaha.

finally at 11 pm!  AT ELEVEN PM 2 hours after the cancelled flight scheduled our name was called and we were billeted at iloilo midtown hotel!

so we got our bags! and i looked at the other people at this hour that they still didnt have any accomodations, i felt sorry for them, there were children and old people.

lauro says:
oo! pinagalitan ko nga! ang sama niya! ahahahahaha
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
darlenemartin says:
Bad bad ben! Haha "He never saw a person with the flatest nose in his life!" Hahahaha I'm glad that he'd seen one here in the Phils! You should have taken a video of Ben's face while he's watching that person's NOSE with awe! Haha Ok sorry dear, I meant taking video using Ben's cam :D
Posted on: Jul 10, 2009
lauro says:
i think its the western and devloped country mentality, where everything is well organized. if that guy had been in india, he would have died! ahahaha
Posted on: Jun 13, 2009
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