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we arrived in baguio, it was raining so hard, traffic jams everywhere. well, the city has narrow mountain, zig zag streets, it cannot hold the large amount of vehicles in the city.

we lost a good hour just being stuck in the traffic jam, its already 5pm as we arrived in the bus station because its still 6 hours drive to manila and we will get there before midnight. we have to, because it will be dangerous to travel inside manila at midnight.

we gathered our backpacks, the conductor was really helpful and im needing a god damn toilet, i went off before even ben could react and i tried to find a toilet! found one at the very end of the station. when i came back it was so chaotic! so many people going to and fro! thank god i found ben as he sticks out with the little people around! and with brown curly hair no one would miss him! hahaha

we were hungry, but eating means we will miss our bus, so what we did, we went to fastfood and order our food so we can eat it inside the bus. it took 4905865064 light years before our orders came, so we hurried to catch a cab to the bus station that goes to manila.

the problem was, it rained, and people are very lazy to walk or take a normal public transportation, like the jeepney, ALL WERE FLAGGING TAXIS and in baguio taxis are very cheap. ben and me kept circling the center of baguio looking for a taxi.

at one point, i just wanted to stand in a corner and JUST WAIT for a taxi like most filipinos do, but ben was so hyperactive and kept saying blah blah blah. i am almost irritated but i kept my cool. i told him, that just wait and im sure an empty taxi will come. but he wouldnt hear it, he wanted to take a jeep to the station or walk it! but i dont know how to to go there by jeep or walk it, were like girls bickering in the middle of the street! at  that point i am about to explode and shout shut the fuck up at ben!

so were standing in the drizzle and a little bit soaked, while i calmly said to ben that this is the philippines, everything is slow and takes its time. but ben wouldnt hear me, he kept pestering me about taking the jeep, so i was forced to ask questions to a woman who was also apprarently waiting for a taxi, i aske where the jeeps going to the bus terminal to manila and she said its on the otherside, and she fucking left. ben still doenst know my mode of travelling, that in situations like this, i learned how to wait. but ben was, i really dont know, he was so impatient, i was about to strangle him to keep his fucking mouth shut! when suddenly a miracle happened! right before in front of our eyes, a taxi stopped and emptied a passenger! hahahaha

before ben can say another word, i jumped into the taxi, put my backpack and sat in the front while ben sat at the back together with our packs.

the driver and me had an interesting conversation, because of the traffic jam. he told me, months ago he was robbed in the taxi and he showed me his cuts in his fingers and the stabbed wounds in his waist! hahahaha i was like, whattafuck?!

but he was so nice! after delivering us safe and sound to the bus station, i gave him all my coins as tip! because it was so heavy in my pocket!

in the entrance, since we dont have any tickets we have to buy one first, but the security guard let us in withouth tickets and didnt even inspected our bags! she said we can buy it directly from the conductor!

we bought the tickets and sat at the last row of the bus so that we have lots of room legs and for our backpacks too! while i was eating my dinner, again ben didnt stopped chatting that he was so excited going back to manila and follow up our tour to mt. pinatubo, i was so fucking hungry from all the finding a taxi escapade, exasperated from bickering in the middle of the street and shivering from the stabbed wounds of the taxi driver and i wanted was peace and quiet! finally after an overdue afterthought, i told ben finally to shut the fuck up! hahahahaha

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photo by: cookiecandy22