back in scary bratislava and meeting some creepy characters! hahaha

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the cucumber was happy to see me! and he poked on my boobs! ahaha
the train loudspeaker said that we are now stopping in bratislava, i got my things and went to the exit door. i thought i was the only passenger going out of the train. hahaha but i was of course wrong as other people too, crammed the exit door.

anyway, i could not believe that i am back in bratislava after two years! actually going to bratislava is only an afterthought in my mind, as my main goal is to visit vienna in austria, mikulova in czech republic and of course the queen of the danube, budapest in hungary.

so i just put withouth any effort bratislava in my future destination, apparently, martin saw that i put bratislava in my future destination, he was practically pulling my leg and breathing down my neck to visit him! i also got life thretening comments from him if i dont visit him in bratislava hahaha arrrrrggghh.
my sleeping quarter! gorgeous!
ok ok ok to stop the smoke and fire coming from his nose i said yes! hahahaha.

to be honest, i still couldnt believe that i am back here, back in bratislava hlavná stanica, the last time i was here, i was so scared and saw cobwebs and spiderwebs and creepy looking characters in the central station! it wasnt much of a fun trip as i always keep an eye on my pockets and wallet, because in any moment someone might stole them! hahahaha.

as i got out of the train, well i was at the last car, it took some minutes before finally spotting the creeps that are awaiting my arrival! hahaha

creep number 1:  it was a good moment as i finally met martin again! the last time i met him was when he visited düsseldorf and me and him had a nice asian fusion cuisine dinner with bettina and martin's highschool friends, christian and jessi.
me and dan in martin's cozy flat!
martin had been a düsseldorfer as he studied highschool in the gymnasium in düsseldorf. and the good thing about martin is that he's game for jokes and teasing! i call him martin die gurke (martin the cucumber) and he calls me lauro die möhre (lauro the carrot) hahaha creepy. hahaha.

creep number 2: martin coerced his swedish friend who lives in bratislava for 7 years alreadys! wow! i met dan the night i arrived at bratislava! it was like a welcoming committee in the dark and scary central station of bratislava! creepy! hahaha. dan met already my peruvian friends from tb!!! lili and yadi!!!

martin asked me beforehand to what we should do in bratislava and if i saw the sights already, i told him yes, i was already at the staré mesto or the old city , then bratislavský hrad or the castle and the castle museum and the parliament! so theres nothing much new for me! so i said to martin surprise me!

i was a bit hungry that time, but martin left me no choice! he was a dictator! hahahaha we walked through the dark streets of bratislava towards a monument built in the communist times, called a slavin.
martin asked me before if i ever saw a slavin and i told him dumbly that, it is a female slave? hahahahaa because in the german language anything with "in" in the end is feminine. hahahaha. im such a blonde! hahahaha.

apparently, what ive said, slavin is a monument from the communist times, i was puffing because were climbing steep staircases go to up the moment, and my shoulder is really tired from carrying my bag all day in budapest, but i wouldnt let these creeps think that i am a wimp! hahaha. so finally we went up to the slavin! a very interesting story, because there is a cemetery for russian soldiers for liberating slovakia or czeschoslovakia from the nazis and then invaded them to become a satellite country of the ussr. hahaha. the there were debates if it should be teared down, but i guess, it is a part of slovakian history, they may tear it apart, but still they could not rewrite history.
having a tea after a gruelling wimpy day! hahaha

after that we descended to a quiet neighborhood in bratislava, it was so queit you wouldnt even think that peopel live there! hahaha (im only teasing martin!) hahaha. because he wanted to change my point of view about bratislava, because it disturbed him, that i wrote i was scared while walking in the town 2 years ago, well i was a wimp two years ago! hahaha. then we waöled into a square of some sort! i dont remember what it was but were walking practically in the dark! there arent any people and few cars were passing! i really had no idea where we were going at this ungodly hour and my stomach is really grumbling for food. then after walking ad walking we came across a big plaza and a white building, and martin said its the presidential palace of slovakia, and the only word came out from my mouth was "oh" hahahaha.

after that, we went to the old town but lots of pubs and bars are closing since its already close to midnight, so the only open chain was mcdonalds, so i ordered apple pie for me and dan and... well..  when i was in vienna i got a massive tootache.. but i am prone to temptations... so i ordered a big vanilla milkshake too! hahahaha, after that my tooth was hurting again good thign i had ibuprofen with me! lots of people were in mcdonalds, but they couldnt help it, its the only food store thats open in this hour. was also rainy and windy and people also took shelter at the fastfood chain.

we walked into the old town of bratislava, walked and walked and climbed and climbed, i didnt complained i was tired, but felt thankful when the guys said its time to go hom BUT we will walk to martin's flat, after several hundred meters  the wimp in me gave in and said i couldnt walk anymore and THERE WERE NO TRAMS IN THE FAR NIGHT only night buses which takes time. so martin eventhough he is a dictator hahaha carried my bag for me.

inside martin's flat we talked far into the night and i got hungry and ate my chinese noodles then martin said i should try a slovakian specialty, he pulled out something from the friegde and practically dangled it in my face, i asked if thats a pasta and martin said no, it's cheese hahahahaha blonde! hahahaha!

dan left almost 3 am as we discussed his travel plans to the philippines! tomorrow we are going to explore bratislava!

when dan left, martin showed me my place to sleep, it was so gorgeous and inviting! a soft sofa bed!!!! before martin could even utter a word, i slept deeply and zonked!

lauro says:
hi!! no! for a girl travelling alone is ok! there are trams and buses that connects points and then theres a night bus too! people are very friendly in bratislava! but an average knowledge og gberman really helps to communicate! not too many people speak english!!
Posted on: May 10, 2009
babyaly1 says:
Sooooo as a girl travelling alone, would you NOT recommend Bratislava? I wanted to see it, but scared of your creeps lol
Posted on: May 10, 2009
yadilitta says:
Posted on: Mar 22, 2009
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the cucumber was happy to see me! …
the cucumber was happy to see me!…
my sleeping quarter! gorgeous!
my sleeping quarter! gorgeous!
me and dan in martins cozy flat!
me and dan in martin's cozy flat!
having a tea after a gruelling wim…
having a tea after a gruelling wi…
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