we are not germans but we speak german! achtung!!! lol! hahaha

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eine wünderschöne zeit in bratislava. musik von der band m.i.a. heißt tanz der moleküle (dance of the molecules)
last night i set my alarm clock for 6 am, my train from bratislava, slovakia to breclav, czech republic would leave at 8:50 am. as my alarm went on, i was still sleepy and gave myself 30 minutes more to toss and turn on the couch bed. till finally i dragged my feet up, martin was already awake.

the other night was the best night i slept throughout this trip! i slept more than 8 hours, but now back again to the normal routine i think i only slept more or less 5 hours, thats why i am feeling draggy again.

martin and me had breakfast together in his small kitchen/dining room which by the way, i am feeling at home already *sniff*. uoutside it was raining, not a good omen i believe it, but then again when i left vienna to budapest it was raining but i had a blast! so i am looking forward to the small old medieval town of mikulova in the czech republic.
the cucumber was not happy that the carrot is leaving him! hahaha

last night i packed all my things, so it will be only eat and go, and eat and go it was! because as we finished breakfast we headed off to hlavná stanica, bratislava's central station.

going there was easy, we went by tram which was just 2 blocks from martin's flat.

along the way, it is refreshing to talk again in german after speaking english for almost 3 days, my jaw was really hurting because eventhough the language is basically from the same family, its pretty diffocult to switch back again in english, sure its easy with only short phrases and stuff, but straight - i will go insane! hahahaha

martin and me talked about the history of slovakia and how was it a part of the empire of austria-hungary. but martin told me that slovakia doesnt belong to austria, the ruling government is from hungary while czech republic belongs to austria, that was very very interesting.

he wanted to show me off at the central station before he goes for work, he wanted TO BE SURE THAT I DONT LOSE MY WAY AND HE EVEN REMINDED ME NOT TO GET LOST IN CZECH REPUBLIC. i told him not to worry, as i am sure mikulova and the rest of the area to where i am going is very close to austria and im sure they speak german there.

it was funny, as martin is from slovakia and he speaks perfect perfect high german which i am very much amused while me, living in germany for 5 years knows conversational german, yes we are not germans but we speak german! hahahahaha. it is first and foremost the thing that bonded us together as we were just getting to know each other in travbuddy and we turned out to be great friends to each other!

at hlavná stanica, my train would come in about 30-40 minutes so i still have the time to buy some drinks and food. good thing that slovakia uses euro now as i dont have to change money, to be honest i spent more than what i have thought, well of course buying so much food from the philippine shop and the tickets added to the cost.

as my train arrived, i thanked martin for being such a great host! he showed me the real bratislava, the history of bratislava, the history of slovakia and the history of the austria-hungary empire! every bad impression i had before was erased of the city when i was there, he took his time and patiently answered all my neverending questions, which is he very proud to answer.

martin: danke schön für alles, daß du mir die stadt angezeigt hast und meine meinung über die stadt bratislava 360° geändert und ich habe viele vielel viele gedichte über bratislava und das österreich-ungarn reich informiert!!!!!!! du bist ein guter freund und gastgeber (ich vergesse dan auch nicht!!). unsere fotos sprechen dass wir ne schöne zeit in bratislava hatten (oder nicht? hahaha). soviel gequatsch und wieder diese arme statue in bratislava vergewaltigt hahahahaha. danke auch dass du mir nach der höhe tatra mit deinem großvaters alten wagen eingeladet hast, dass wir auf den bergen spatzieren gehen würden. danke danke. ich kann nicht klagen. und danke das du meine gurke kumpel bist! hahahaha

yadilitta says:
hahaha, oh, ich mag es! Suesse Kartoffel :)
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
lauro says:
yadi: du bist unserer kartoffel! hahahaha süße kartoffel! hahahaha

ich sag martin bescheid! hahhaa
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
yadilitta says:
ok, ich spreche auch Deutsch. Du bist Moehre, Martin: Gurke. Und was werde ich sein?
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
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eine wünderschöne zeit in brati…
the cucumber was not happy that th…
the cucumber was not happy that t…
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