another sir taxi sir episode and for god sake's ben, watch out for your wallet!

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we slept for a bit after we had the last stop at tarlac city. when we woke up, we were already near the capital! it was fast! and in no time entering the longest street/avenue in the capital called edsa, we passed by so many boroughs in the capital, high rise and office buildings. then in no time, makati city! its already 11:30 in the evening, were a bit behind schedule, but in less than 15 minutes or so, the terminal in pasay city.

it was already nearing midnight, and i am afraid to travel at this hour in manila, because it is quite dangerous! i didnt asked to be fetched at the station. so we only have two options to go home in las piñas - either take a taxi or bus. but somehow, i was so scared of being with ben inside manila, as ben is an apple of the eye for pickpockets, thieves or any other criminal activities! i didnt told him that im almost having a heart attack coming down from the bus! and within minutes of going down, the sir taxi sir people came to us. i told ben to ignore them and dont look in the eye. so many stories from friends hailing taxis in manila and got robbed by the taxi drivers themselves! either driving them into somewhere dark or pulling up another "passenger" which was their cohorts, and robbing my poor friends! and if you try to fight them (knowing ben) they stab with knives or shot them! arrrghhhhh, so no taxis for us in the middle of this hour!

this is the thing i hate about travelling by public transportation in the philippines, these people dont allow you to make decisions for yourself, i mean, if we wanted to get a taxi we get them right?! but no! they crowd around you and pressure you doing stuff that you would decide for yourself and when you get inside a taxi, they would ask for a tip because THEY HAILED A TAXI FOR YOU! crap! and when you dont give a tip they would get angry! hahahah but it was always an adventure!

so we decided to take a bus going to a point where buses drive into las piñas city, my borough. its still scary inside the bus, because it is where the most petty crimes happen, popular is stealing of mobile handys! while waiting for a bus which took practically forever! lots of street boys were following us and offering taxis they wouldnt leave us alone and i told ben to hold his wallet and other valuables and his dear life hahahaha so tight as we pulled away from them, suddenly a police siren just wanged and then they were all gone running away! thank god a bus just arrived and we got in! i was so tired!

after some minutes of driving and bein attentive to our things, we finally got out of the next stop! but we were on the wrong side, so we have to cross a flyover to be able to hail a bus, but i was so fucking scared, i told ben just hold everything together with him. then at the flyover, someone was shouting "hey joe" already, i told ben to walk fast, as we got down, lots of people were looking at us, i mean we just got back from the mountains with big backpacks and the other guy walking beside me has a white butt! haahaha

as we hurriedly went down the steps, there wasnt any bus anymore that goes to my borough, so we took a jeep, it may be more dangerous at this hour and slower, but we dont have a choice. as we got inside the jeepney, we clung to our things SPCECIALLY OUR FUCKING CAMERAS IF IT GOT STOLEN OUR FUCKING BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF SAGADA WILL BE GONE FOREVER! hahahaa the problem was, the jeep takes its time to be filled with passengers, 10-20 minutes, theres still no passengers aboard, i was tired to go down and find another way of transportation. then a miracle happened, one by one our jeep was filled up! and as soon as shes set to go, i payed the driver!

that fucking jeepney ride was fast like bullet! in no time we were in las piñas safe and sound! it only took about 20 minutes drive! and before 1:30 am we were back in the house!

we high fived again because we came in one piece leaving behind the traces of unscrupolous characters looking at us! hahahaha i took out our laptop and we looked at our pictures in sagada, one word FUCKING AMAZING!

so after some this and that, eating coz i got hungry, after 2 am were both in bed! and first thing tomorrow morning, i will call the agency that i booked the mt. pinatubo volcano tour!

lauro says:
hahah did i said it twice?! ^_^
Posted on: May 26, 2009
vodkaphix says:

That's 2 hahaha
Posted on: May 25, 2009
lauro says:
actually, manila is not bad to travel around! its an exciting city! so many adventures and misadventures for just an hour travelling around in the public transportation! action - comedy - drama you name it!! - but if you know how the pros and cons travelling around manila!

me and ben backpacked - we didnt went to the "traditional" touristic places in the philippines, we headed and camped in the mountains, the "secret" beach for hippies and roadtripped a province! thats why we saved so much money because we didnt paid any hotels for nights sleep!

i would love to recommend you to go to "anawangin" fucking amazing! the beach is almost inaccesible! but you must have camping gears!
Posted on: May 24, 2009
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