another heebeejeebees returning to doha! pity it wasnt dramatic this time.

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i was really annoyed with the russian guy seated beside me, he kept winking at me whenever i squirmed at on my seat because i was uncomfortable. but somehow... looking at him wistfully, i remember the movie, conan the barbarian with grace jones and arnold schwarzblahblah which i really liked when i was a child! not to mention red sonja! aahahahaha all that missing with the huge russian guy is a sword! hahaha. he kept on talking to me, its impossible not to ignore him because he has booming voice, again, prejudices again came to me, as he longer we conversed, he turns out to be such an entertaining guy! LOL hahaha

while waiting for our food from the unfriendly staff of this flight, the russian guy and me played tennis on the game screen with both tongues out! hahahahahaha well i had no choice! the movie program wasnt interesting. but at last the flight attendants came with menus to hand out.

these are what they offered on this flight:

main meal:


green mango salad


chicken kaldereta
steamed rice, stir friend vegetables

maya maya fish with calamansi soy sauce
steamed yellow rice, braised pak choi

halo halo pudding
tea or coffee

hot snack:

braised chicken and oyster sauce
pad thai noodles

maya maya with sweet and sour sauce
steamed rice, sauteed green beans, carrots


ube cream cake
tea or cofee

the problem was, i dont eat fish, well only some few specimens ahaha and i dont like kaldereta, these are all filipino cuisine because 90% of the passengers are always filipinos and as much as i hate to say it, i dont eat much of filipino cuisine, so i picked the kaldereta and just ate the vegetables and rice, the bread and butter and some jellies that came, i couldnt wait to have the hot snack because im sure i would like the pad thai noodles. i finished everything except the main course! hahahaha, we would arrive at doha at about 10 pm, nothing much really on the tv and movie screen, i tried to sleep but i cant, and everytime i wanted to go to the toilet, the russian was really a gentleman if i asked him to move over so i can pass through him hahaha freaky freak but i find it entertaining LOL hahahaha.

after waiting endlessly for that hot snack of pad thai, it finally came!!!! but yuck, when i tasted the noodles, it tasted like slippers! hahahaha oh well, this flight isnt my lucky flight, unlike the first two ones with qatar air, but despite everything at 10 pm, we landed in doha!

so again the connecting flights have to separate themselves in the immigration, i presented my boarding pass and xrayed my bag. after everything, i immediately went to the smoking area! im a little bit hungry too, but i only have 10 euros with me and some left over riyals. i wanted to spend them tomorrow for breakfast. but i couldnt help it, so i went again to the cafe where the arrogant filipino women were serving LOL, i bought a sandwhich and hot citrone tea and finished reading a book by gabriel garcia marquez.

after that, i still wasnt sleepy, so i went in line to the free internet cafe and chcked some things on the net, i wanted to start blogging, but the problem is, the free internet disconnects every 10 minutes and i would just be frustrated if typed words would vanish into thin air just like that! LOL

so i went smoking again, it was almost 1 am and my flight is at 8 am, i wentto the quiet room and look for a free spot to sleep, fortunately i found one, and set my alarm at 5 am, so i will have enough time to wash and drink something hot.

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photo by: Stevie_Wes