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am stühlchen! but damn it! i put 2008 instead of 2009! hahahah
oh my god, this situation was very difficult to explain! hahaha anyway i'll try to explain it ^_^ with my best memory ^_^

anyway, before i lieav for eatern europe next week, i get the chance to see the long lost people hahah as i call them in düsseldorf! i met with my good friends for a small celebration of karneval.

but before that a little bit of history, karneval is celebrated traditionally in the rhein river cities in germany. the biggest karneval celebrations are in düsseldorf  and cologne which are both in the state of nordrhein westfalen in germany and in mainz, which is located in rheinland pfalz state, coincidencially, the cities are located along the banks of the rhein river. for again which karneval is celebrated to end the winter, people wear masks and colofrul costumes to scare off the winter ghosts and welcome spring.
but now, celebrating karneval is a 360° turn, as its only attributed to drinking and more drinking. hahahaha.

so three boys from düsseldorf met, me, henning and lucian, and drink to, where else?! my favorite bar and so is henning's in düsseldorf which is called das schauckelstühlchen, haha sounds like rumpeltstiltsken hahaha actually it is an old german word that simply means, the rocking chair.

i invited thy to come along, so that the düsseldorf gang is complete! but unfortunately :( thy cant make it as she's working in a resto and theyre also celebrating karneval there and she cant leave early.

so the meeting point was again at the traditional meeting point for the düsseldorfer, hahaha in mcdonalds in the old town.
and as usual i'm running late again as the tram connections are seldom because its sunday and karneval. 

when i got there, henning and lucian dont know each other, in fact theyve never seen each other hahaha. so i spotted them and introduced eather and they were complaining i am late! hahaha.

so we went to the stühlchen, but we have to pay an entrance fee since its karneval for 3.80  euros but we have 2 drinks for that!

we havent really settled into partying, a drunk girl came to us and basically plopped herself into our table, we all looked at each other and then into the girl who was about 19! hahaha.

it was surreal as she was "game" for anything. in the first part she was talking to henning alot and i was with lucian as i havent seen lucian for almost a year but we both live in düsseldorf! strange, work schedules kept us apart.

then it was time for the mobile numbers exchanging, i was teasing henning that he found a girlfriend in karneval! hahahahha he was about to choke me.

it started to get "hotter" as the girl was actually putting her face into our faces. hahahahaha. but the mood was good! lots of colorful people with music from the toten hosen, german neo, electro pop music, alternative and cheesy songs but the best came was they played a song which i have been searching for ages!!!! finally! hahah allein allein! fucking simple title! hahaha.

we decided to go home at about 1 am. because i had to catch the subway back to the central station and from there, walk about 2 kms to house.

the girl, i dont know, she wanted to come with us, but were living in different places, not to be rude, but henning sent her away! hahahaha.

but it was an amazing night! its been a long time since ive partied and how much i miss it.

thank you guys!
alicegourmet says:
That's very funny! You guys hit by a super drunk chick! LOL!
Posted on: Mar 11, 2009
lauro says:
ach! ich habs vergessen! die fotos abschicken!
Posted on: Feb 28, 2009
lauro says:
ho ho ho ho :P
Posted on: Feb 26, 2009
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am stühlchen! but damn it! i put…
photo by: Chokk