after eating only instant noodles and baked beans its time to celebrate with good food!

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the mall that started and ended everything!
it was raining from olongapo to manila, and it was cold in the bus. i wanted to sleep but i cant, ben was beside me and listening to his mp3 player. we passed by the familiar sights that we saw before. there isnt much any jokes around, funny i thought. well, the trip is almost over. the ardouos (hahaha) and rough (?) riding in the philippines would soon be over for me. soon ill be back in boring germany and dreading the 10 hours stop over in doha, qatar! aargghh

after almost 4 hours of bus ride and traffic jam in manila, we arrived at the bus terminal. when we got down, the sir taxi sir people rushed over us, but we ignored them. we dont know what to do, since its only like past 7 pm, we still do not want to go home yet, then we decided to eat something flashy this time as for 2 days we only ate instant noodles, beans and crackers - time to splurge money on good food! ahahaha.
what a nice way to be friendly! ahahaha

we took a bus, the heat in manila was really, goodness, we didnt had any shower after leaving anawangin and camara island, the salt left in my body was itchy on my skin from the heat. i swear, i was salt mine that time! ahaha.

after a brief bus ride, we went to the mall of asia and decided to eat there, as it has a transportation system that goes directly to my place in las piñas.

as we were walking, you wouldnt believe the stares we got from people! as though we just came back from living in the caves! ahahaha. anyway, we were so tired and hungry that we decided to eat in the first resto that we could spot on, we dont want to walk and walk and come to a point of being indecisive.

the first resto we spotted was pizza hut! hahhahha of all places, so we went in, we asked for a table for two, yes - me and ben are dating again.
flashy isnt it?!
ahahahaha ahahaha.

as we sat in the table, i was amazed by this "pizza hut" in our table was a bottle of wine, lighted candles and an anthorium flower! ahahaha aahaha i guess ben and me are dating afterall! aahahah kidding aside - it was a lovely table setting!

we ordered appetizers, as usual, mushroom soup for me and croutons, while ben had some baked shrimps or whatver and he had a pizza with all the toppings while i ordered garlic pasta with shrimps.

i was really hungry that time, and shaking - when my soup came and sprinkled pepper on it, the peppers came flowing wildly as my hand were shaking.

but it felt good to have something warm in the stomach for me. ben ate his shrimps with his bare hands, we really looked indeed just came out from the cave! ahahaha ahahaha

then came our main course, ben ate so fast, its like a flash of lightning and then his food was gone! i havent eaten my 1/3 of the food! lol ahahaha.
and this was just "pizza hut"

as we finished eating and the bill came, the air in my lungs whoosed out of how expensive that was! ahahahaha - apparently, bens, entree - the shrimps - costed a fortune!

we paid it and went to the station where we can get a ride back to las piñas, goodness i really needed some good sleep! tomorrow we go back again to a mall and mail ben's other stuff to britain which he wouldnt need for the trek to nepal with his girlfriend.

i just couldnt believe that all the event just happened overnight and i couldnt believe that almost three weeks just passed just like that!

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the mall that started and ended ev…
the mall that started and ended e…
what a nice way to be friendly! ah…
what a nice way to be friendly! a…
flashy isnt it?!
flashy isnt it?!
and this was just pizza hut
and this was just "pizza hut"
my hands were shaking as i sprinkl…
my hands were shaking as i sprink…
ben was really eating with his bar…
ben was really eating with his ba…
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