the adventures of gollum and poodle boy starts! and this time its for real! arrghh!

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i couldnt believe took a pic of me as i was brushing my teeth in the room! arrrghh
eventhough we woke up at 4 am we were in a good mood! after getting a good and undisturbed sleep our spirits were high!we packed all our belongings, and hoping to catch our bus trip to sagada at 6am! we decided to eat breakfast at jolibbee, the local fastfood chain or chowking, the local chinese cantonese fastfood chain! we brushed our teeth in the small sink, put on warm clothes as it was foggy and chilly outside, went down to the reception and gave the key!

after my tooth got extracted i never felt so good in my entire life! though my right cheek was still throbbing, it felt ok than yesterday, as we passed some streetfood vendors, some were selling boiled peanuts! arrrghh i was sooo frustrated! i mean, boiled sweet salted peanuts are heavenly! but i still cant chew! arrghhh! i can only eat noodles at this stage! fucking frustrating! hahaha.
one of the korean tourist!

it was chilly as were walking in the streets of baguio, finally after 10 minutes, we arrived at the small street where we had to turn to get to dangwa, the bus terminal to sagada.  we thought that we could have breakfast at the fastfood chains before heading off, but they were still closed! arrrghhh, so we went to the terminal, the buses going to sagada changed but still the same bus company, lizardo trans, it was not in the same area but moved to a bigger one! it was 5 am and the bus will leave at 5:30, we still have time, so i went to the store and bought some drinks and soft bread and so was ben. there were 2 koreans in the bus, ben felt relieved that he will not be AGAIN the only tourist inside a bus! hahaha.

exactly at 5:30 am the bus rolled! ben and me HIGH FIVED! as this was the start of our adventurous journey inside the philippines! bring it on!

lauro says:
ha! i got to eat boiled peanuts at the end of the trip'! i love it! ^_^
Posted on: May 25, 2009
vodkaphix says:
your 'nuts' enough without eating more 'boiled peaNUTS'! hahaha!
Posted on: May 25, 2009
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i couldnt believe took a pic of me…
i couldnt believe took a pic of m…
one of the korean tourist!
one of the korean tourist!
he was so excited! hahaha i had to…
he was so excited! hahaha i had t…
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