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ben looked scary here! hahaha
after saying goodbye to every people at the meet up, we rode with ted's car to the bus terminal, it was still drizzling when we arrived, we said goodbye to ted and we hope to meet him again as he is so nice as well as the travbuddy gang from the philippines!

wehen we got there, it was only 12 in the midnight of the 20th! we still had an hour to go before our bus departs, then suddenly, my toothached, it was aching in the meet up till i took two capsules of pain reliever, then i took one to relieve it, was really bad because i am overdosing myself with ibuprofen.

then i got a bit hungry and went to the canteen, i saw they sell chinese buns and bought one for myself! when i came back and slowly chewing the chinese bunm ben was curious and i told him that its basically rice flour or wheat flour steamed with meat on it and he got excited and bought one for himself!

now my tooth was really aching so hard, i had to take another ibuprofen again! thats 4 in one day and i was really scared!

then our bus came and we boarded it exactly at 1 am! were hoping to get a good night sleep on the bus before we arrive at baguio city then change bus to sagada to go deep into the cordillera mountains!

crossing our fingers!

lauro says:
you are right! thats siopao!!! ^_^
Posted on: May 31, 2009
meelg says:
Hey were you talking about siopao?
Posted on: May 30, 2009
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ben looked scary here! hahaha
ben looked scary here! hahaha
waiting for our bus!
waiting for our bus!
ben eating his chinese bun!
ben eating his chinese bun!
photo by: crazychictraveller