actually, i was only joking when i said that! hahaha

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ben started to calm down after i told him to shut up! hahaha actually i was only joking when i said that ^_^ its just that having a 7 hour ride from the mountains back to baguio, plus hectic moments, i needed a little bit of peace and quiet!

so were driving direct from sagada-baguio-manila it was not as headache as manila-baguio-sagada, because we are descending and faster than going up. in no time we were at the first stopover, since we both ate, we didnt bought anything from there, we just went to the toilet. as the bus descended into the lowlands, me and ben talked ALOT again and agan and again. in just 4 days of travelling together (the firt 4 days are not counted since we just hang around for some time in the house) we had so much to share, and ben again was so excited to show me around his hometown in israel, although he said tha landscape is not as majestic as the cordilleras (which i turned very proud of my country) he will take me to the bunks where people cover in case there were missle attacks! hahaha whattafuck?! hahaha

in 4 days we were in the mountains, i got to know ben alot, eventhough we travelled together for 10 days in spain and portugal, plus 3 days in belgium and germany, little i know about him, of course we talk alot in chat, but thats different if youre talking directly to a person. then we had a test of cabin syndrome at the last part of our trip in the mountains, we resolved it perfectly. although we bicker alot and neither one of us wants to give up in our opinions and stay firm. were both stubborn. but in the end, each of one comprises for the good decision in the end.

that makes ben a perfect travel companion for me. although we have a 10 year age difference, i am still young at heart and ben thinks maturely.  he was always there if i am having a rough time and bad mood, always there to cheer me up and always put smiles on my face. i would never ever invite someone to come with me to sagada withouth having a great sense and spirit of adventure. because sagada for me, is a shangrila of spiritual journey. only a person like ben, can come with me.

ater chatting almost non-stop, it was about 9pm when we arrived tarlac city, the last stop and 2 hours more to manila! time went fast and i was never bored for a minute.

ben and me high fived again! to close a chapter of one of our travels inside the philippines.

thank you so much ben, you made my sagada experience really unforgetabable, although it would not surpass the experience the first time i was there, certainly it was the most unusual of all.

the trip was so surreal and unreal for me, but with ben everything went real.

lauro says:
hahhaa no, i mean after all the heebeejeebies i needed peace and quiet!
Posted on: May 26, 2009
vodkaphix says:
so you can be a moody cow too, that wasn't nice to tell ben to shut the f**k up! hahahahaha!
Posted on: May 25, 2009
lauro says:
der ben ist der beste travbuddy das mann haben kann!!!

und wir plännen schon nach peru und bolivien zusammen hinreisen!!!! also PASS AUF DICH AUF! hahahahah
Posted on: May 23, 2009
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