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Quote of the Day:  “Well THIS is a good one for the blog.”  (Tessa)


Why does every nice relaxing day have to have its share of excitement?  How about just a boring day?


Most of the Day:  Sat around the pool in chaise lounge chairs reading, swimming, lunch at the restaurant overlooking the ocean and pool.


Then!  Jazy and I plan a sunset walk on the beach and tote all our extraneous stuff to the RV in preparation. 


On the way, I notice water dripping out of the underside of the RV near the black water valve, but coming from a good 6’ length of underside area.  Jazy and I turn off the water connection.  I’d have thought the water filter on the line would have reduced the pressure enough not to cause a break.  Mr. Wier from the NW Lazy Daze group told me not to hook up to the water line because it can rupture the lines.  “Just fill the tank and use the water pump” he said.  I should’ve listened.  But wait, there’s more.  Much more.


Then I go inside and notice the toilet is full of clear water.  It burps when I try to flush it and flies out onto the floor.  I stop doing that and go outside to announce to Jazy that we must immediately empty the black water tank.


We noted the gravity-challenged pipes when we pulled in, but the guy working here showed us how you could put rocks under it.  Okay, so we’ll try it.  The closest connection appears too full and the sewage would not go down- given it is on a sideways angle, Jazy shrieks for me to stop.  I close the valve. 


Then we strrrretch the hose out to the connection located up and across the big pipe.  Of course, that makes the end higher and we expend a ton of energy trying to caterpillar the hose.  But the stretching hose leaks, I tighten it the wrong direction and the nasty stuff runs down my glove to my arm (fortunately, there was blue chemical in it).  I don’t think I swore.  Well, maybe just a little. 


Our neighbor comes by to admire out technique/mess/disaster-in-the-making - the poor thing gets an earful.  He leaves quickly.


So I decide that the thing to do to fix this problem is to back up Ciao further to get higher and closer to the sewer connection.   


When I start the RV, that stupid belt on the RV squeals with tremendous volume, unnerving me and sending my blood pressure higher.  Why, after paying 2 mechanics, is my belt still making a terrible racket??  And why do I personally not know where to spray the bando spray?  And how am I going to finally get this fixed?


So over the racket of the belt, which increases to deafening, the kids call out to help me back up.  The RV hesitates over what must be a hill, then suddenly breaks free and pops backward.  Right into the water/electrical concrete pedestal!  The kids looked horrified.  "It’s leaking!" they say.  I spring out to make sure that Lia, in the back, was not crushed.  Praise God she was back a few steps!  (Lesson learned). 


I stare horrified as the high-pressure water at the pedestal base now shoots out of the ground.  Leaking?  That is spewing!


I note that there’s fortunately no damage to my beloved Ciao Baby.  There are a few flakes of concrete on her fender though.  The concrete pedestal appeared to be leaning a little.


Fortunately, immediately a campground guy was there and called on his radio, stopped the campground water, called a plumber, and told me I could pay for their services afterward at the office.  He kindly acknowledged that it was an accident and was very nice about it while I repeated “los siento.” (Sorry!)  Embarrassing! 


But I was so relieved that Lia was okay - the water repair is only money.  I also feel bad inconveniencing everyone.


Note:  It turned out the the dripping water was likely the overflow for the toilet.  Apparently the fresh water was running after a flush and filled up the toilet to the overflow hole.  I'm grateful for the overflow feature or the interior of the coach would have been flooded!


So now there are five people out there behind the RV, digging a big hole, trying to get the connection back on the water pipe.  Sigh.  Too much excitement on a relaxing day.


Stay tuned for an update.  I’m going for one of those brazillian margaritas after this!


Update:  Okay, so the campground owner seemed unconcerned about the problem when I checked at the office, but I promised to return manana to pago (tomorrow to pay) for the repair.


The sunset walk on the beach and the margarita were divine.


We admired the amazing palapas in the campground.  When we passed the Dolphin that another camper had told us about, we knocked on their door and learned that Joe and Arlene had gone to Panama 2 years prior on a caravan.  We're going to meet with them in the morning to get their advice- isn't that terrific? 


Also, we happened by Clyde and Jeff, who run the scuba lessons and we had fun talking with yesterday.  They were on their upstairs balcony admiring the stars.  We noted that their palapa was for sale and that in our dreams we'd already bought it!  They invited us to come see it and we did. 


Amazing!  We loved the big 5th wheel with slideouts, the full tiled kitchen and large bathroom in the palapa, the upstairs loft and balcony that sleeps 2 either under a mosquito net (that is unnecessary) or under the stars!  It sleeps 6 total, counting the loft.  It was divine. 


 I could be quite happy here!  They've already prepaid the $500/month rent (for all utilities and garbage collection at this gated community) through 2012!  If there were any way for us to fly down as much as we'd want, we'd buy it on the spot!  But I count 14 years until college payments are complete (they're on their own for grad school).  Grandpa Hill, you should buy their place!  $95,000.  "Turn-key palapa.  Bring your clothes, food, and move in!!"  Here it is: but it is far prettier in person.


We also bought from Clyde a beautiful "Leave a note" palm tree cross-stitch hanger for use outside the rig - she is so talented and it reminds us of them and this lovely place!  It has a pad of paper and a pen with it too.  All in all, even with the unnecessary excitement, it was a lovely day at Paa-Mul!




katenunes says:
Hey, thanks for putting a link to the new blog on your old one.... I had been missing hearing about your adventures, somehow I had thought you were still in Texas through the holidays. Now I have to get caught up. Have a fabulous trip.

Kate (and Ron and Elizabeth too)
Posted on: Dec 05, 2008
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