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Dinner at Gus' Restaurant

Since it is a long weekend in celebration of Mexico's Independence Day, we decided to relax here awhile.  Holiday weekends are best spent in one spot.

This morning the weather cleared, the sun came out and shown glorious on a perfect day at the beach!  We walked and jogged along the beach this morning and it was windy, but lovely.  It is not a crowded beach, and just gorgeous!

We got internet today!  I finally was able to get on the Yuri Campground satelite and have a week of catchup to do.  Will try to get some pictures up tomorrow too.  Here's their website:

The nice guy, Mike from New Hampshire who helps here at the campground, again played personal concierge for us, as he does for everyone here.

Larry arrives
  He took us to retrieve our perfectly folded and sweet-smelling laundry (what a treat!), drop by the grocery, (para la leche) and out for a delicious dinner at Gus' restaurant (which we covered as thanks).  

Gus is originally from Brooklyn and then Jersey, but has been in Mexico for 10 years.  His restaurant was delightful with bright lavender and yellow walls and a wonderful, cozy atmostphere.  Quintessential!  Also delightful was that after the cooking was done, Gus joined us, as did another friend that we've enjoyed a few times at the campground, Larry.  So we had a great time talking about life in Mexico and how terrific it is. 

Gus said that he has never felt safer than where he lives now.  He thought that if you stayed away from the border towns and areas where you probably should not be anyway, you have nothing to fear.

Gus makes the 2nd pizza for takeout
  That tends to be what I hear from everyone who has been in this area.  He also wanted to know what would possess someone to travel alone with 3 kids to Panama, but then what can I say?  Live life while you can!

The pizza at Gus' was so good that we bought a second one to bring back to the RV for tomorrow, although I think Charles has eaten some already. 

Poor Charles has a terrible black eye from my kids playing around at the pool our first night here.  Something about coming down the water slide and someone's elbow to the eye- anyway, it looks worse every day, but he thinks nothing is broken.  I'll have to upload a picture of his shiner.  Will Charles survive Mexico?  That is the question.

Speaking of Charles... he was reading his school's Language Arts book today and it was about Mexico!  Love that!

I tried to call Ned on the Magic Jack and I could hear him, but he couldn't hear me.

Charles' shiner from pool accident
  Very frustrating, but probably operator error.  Maybe I'll just call it to hear him talk.  He'll probably like the lack of interuption for once!  Ha!

Emails:  Just downloaded emails and need to catch up. 

Thanks for the nice comments on the blog- Karen & Terry, you always make me laugh.  Jazy appreciated the votes.  I haven't read her blog yet, but she started laughing when I read your comments.  Nice picture, by the way!  :)  Linda and Mando, great to get your note too!  Miss you all!

Jonna, & Mimi, we're hoping to get to Merida in about a week and will hopefully be able to figure out the phones when we get further down the road.

Gus' magnificent pepperoni pizza!
  We're aiming for Veracruz, Catemaco, Villahermosa, Palenque, a place in the middle I think, and then Merida.  Does that sound right?  If you go to and click on the Itinerary-Mex & Central America (if you're signed in, then Friends can see it), then that has our general plan.

I'll try to catch up tomorrow with everyone else.  My email is having a flaky time getting out, so please be patient.  Relax, we're in Mexico!  :)


Lisa_Blue says:
Hola Tessa y familia!!! Felicades con su viaje mayor!! Cuidado con los federales!! Los federales se gustan las chicas bonitas!! Anyway, that's enough of my rusty Spanish!! You will find Mexico, away from the border towns beautiful and friendly, as you are discovering!! I've done the Carrera Panamericana 3 times, which I should have shared with you at the Balloon Fiesta!! My bad. I am glad you are having fun and aren't TOO frustrated. You will slow down alot. The Mexican women aren't being rude, they are used to being "shy" and not staring down (at) stangers or men. Believe me, they are smiling inside to see you and Jazy piloting Ciao around!! Continue to be safe and have fun!!! Smudge sends a tiny Smudge beso to Lia!!
Lisa, Rico, Smudge and Blue
Posted on: Nov 16, 2008
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Dinner at Gus Restaurant
Dinner at Gus' Restaurant
Larry arrives
Larry arrives
Gus makes the 2nd pizza for takeout
Gus makes the 2nd pizza for takeout
Charles shiner from pool accident
Charles' shiner from pool accident
Gus magnificent pepperoni pizza!
Gus' magnificent pepperoni pizza!
Outside of Gus
Outside of Gus'
Monte Gordo
photo by: TessaHill