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12.13.08 Sula to Lago de Joyoa, Honduras


We actually slept quite peacefully in our spot beside the highway where trucks rumbled over the topes nearby.  Actually, they’re called tumuloes in Honduras.  We noted the armed guard for the Coke truck unloading next door.  That seems a little overboard for such a small town.  I guess it gives people jobs and a sense of security.


We went across the street to our restaurant and joined the crowds going down the buffet line.  It was a popular place and we had a great breakfast for less than $10 US.  I actually had the best cup of coffee EVER there.


The kids bought a watermelon and cantaloupe for a total of $2.50 U.S. while I went next door to make passport copies (8) and internet upload for an hour just 38 Limpera ($2 US).


Then we headed around relatively good roads to just south of San Palo.  I decided that at about 35 mph, we would do well to skip Tela along the coast and head south instead.  There is just not time to see it all and we’d rather not spend the next 5 days driving the whole time.


We went through probably 4 police checks today.  I cannot remember them all, but one included a check of our vehicle paperwork, which he checked against the license plate, and then he needed to see the safety triangle (required equipment).  Fortunately, I knew right where it was and then he was satisfied.  He was neither charming nor amused.  So I was glad we had what we needed.


We got propane at a TropiGas about 5 miles south of the turnoff for San Palo.  It was quite an ordeal.  The armed guard with a double barrel gun (shotgun).


We arrived at the Hotel Los Remos along the Lago de Joyoa.  It looked fine, but we had time to explore the area.  So we took the road south of the lake and went through gorgeous countryside on Hon 20.  We saw a sign for Zacata Touristo Center or something like that and went about 6 miles south.  The road ended in a delightful cobblestone town with low wires and tight clearance.  We tried to find out where the touristo centro was, thinking it was like a balnerio (swimming or recreation complex) but it was not.  It was the central square!  Haha!  We were quite the town attraction as little kids followed us to see where the big casa rodante was going.  The town was charming and the people were very friendly.  I doubt they have many visitors and we would have enjoyed spending time there. 


But we did need to find a place for the night and headed back for Hotel Los Remos.  Now for 200 L ($11 US) we have a gorgeous panoramic view of the lake.  We pulled around back to a level spot and I’m watching a bird soar by now.  The weather is not the usual warmth and it is about 70 degrees and misty-rainy.  But it is still very beautiful with the lush green plants, blue mountains, grey water and puffy white clouds in a grey sky.


There’s a youth, church or school group in the small community building beside us.  They don’t lack in enthusiasm or music volume.  I’m hoping they finish up before bedtime or we might have to move back up in front of the restaurant.  They seem like a nice group though in spite of the kereoke-sounding attempts next door. J


We’re going to relax and head out in the morning toward Tugucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.  I’m hoping to spy a bypass.




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