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Bondy, Matt & Mark at Pizza Express.

Due to leave the Uk in November, one country I'd only gotten a glimpse of (Glasgow April 08) was Scotland.  I had a strong desire to see more of the country and going in Autumn held a big appeal. I knew by going at this time of year I was risking nasty, wet and cold weather but it was the season I wanted to go in. In Australia we don't have 'Fall' with such colour. I'd decided to organise a meet up in Edinburgh as I wanted to meet some locals of the area and then I also wanted to travel a bit of the country - see the highlands. Bondy an Anna seemed interested in this little trip so we organised a meet up and roadtrip which turned out great! I'd just spent a week living at Bondy's and was stoked to finally be getting to Scotland!

Ashley and I got up fairy early to get our gear ready and catch our train to Sheffield.

Lori - witch, witch, burn the witch!!
Poor Bondy who'd had maybe half an hours sleep the night before trying to get his Uni work done, had left at 7am that morning and would meet us at the Meadowhall bus station to catch our megabus to Scotland. When Ashley and I got to Meadowhall we realised we were pretty early and sick of carrying our bags. We were going to wander downt o the shopping mall so Ash had the good sense to grab a trolley which we chucked all our luggage in and wandered down to a Starbucks to chill out for awhile. Bondy arrived and withing 20 minutes we were on our coach.

It was about a 4 or 5 hour trip, I had my book to read but couldn't much concentrate. Thoughts of home and how different things were going to be kept me occupied, and when we got into Scotland and drove along the coastline to Edinburgh, the endless expanse of ocean reminded me of some of the great things I'll be going back to.

Anna, Lori & myself in some bar after the ghost tour!
That's one thing I love/hate about travelling, long periods of time where you have nothing to do but think over things.

We got into St Andrews Square where the bus station was. The weather was miserable and lightly raining. We called Lori and got directions towards the hostel, and with extra help from some local cops (So cute! Wee this, and Wee that!) we eventually go there. On the Edinburgh TB Forum we'd nominated the Caledonian Backpackers as the hostel to book into, so over the weekend there'd be about 10 of us staying there. Was pretty cool. Bondy, Ash, Mat & I got upgraded to a 12 bed dorm iinstead of being in the massive 38 bed dorm. Were pretty stoked!! Plus we were the only ones in the 12 bed dorm. Fellow TB'ers were slowly trickling in and as some of us were starved we went to Pizza Express around the corner.

Brett, Lori, Bondy & Matt
Ash, Anna and I got a table and were soon joined by Bondy, Matt and new TBer Mark (yes another!! This one's nicer). The Pizza was great and soon we had to meet up back at the hostel. We'd planned a ghost tour of Edinburgh tonight to see the underground vaults and hear some spooky stories.

We wandered over the Royal Mile as the meet up was at the Tron Kirk. There was quite a group of us and our guide was some actor who thought he was humourous. He had a good knowledge of the area, the history and the tales of death, torture and hauntings of the area. He explained the Plague that halved the cities population, the witch trials, and the poor homeless people who took refuge in the underground vaults. At the beginning of the evening we were talking to our guide as we walked to our first stop and I mentioned how ridiculously scared Lori could get. He took this into account and then enjoyed picking on her through out the evening, using her as an example of unfair persucution of 'witches' back in the day. We all got to shout out 'Witch, witch! Burn the witch!' Bondy enjoyed this immensely. Then it was into the little torture museum and the vaults. 

One of the vaults is used by a modern day wiccan coven, after they brought some kind of demon into the one they'd previously used. There's a big stone circle in vault 3, apparently the High Priest of the Coven trapped the demon within the stone cirlce and anyone who enters the circle has experienced direct violence, or has been 'cursed' and shortly ended up in a fatal accident. Now we all knew Lori was not going to be enjoying this experience, I don't think I've ever been so joined to someone as I was with Lori that night. If she wasn't using me as a shield she was gripping onto my arm asking if we could leave. Poor lil gal! Another vault was supposed to house a Poltergiest. It was a vault where a lot of people perished during one of the great fires. At that point we copped the cheesy actor who jumped out at us. Silly but it worked scaring the hist out of many. I was too focused on the pain in my arm from Lori's grip before I could even begin to feel scared.

After the tour we wandered around a few pubs and bars, getting our first night views of Edinburgh and the 'Edinburgh Drunks' who apparently I pointed out too loudly. Haha, Lori wonders if i'll get bashed one day. We wandered back to the hostel, doing a quick Maccas stop on the way and started playing some kind of game at the pool table with some other randoms. I wanted to go to bed but somehow kept sinking my balls so had to stay up til I got knocked out. It was a fun beginning to the Edinburgh trip, and everyone looked forward to the arrival of more TB'ers the next day for the meet up!


samhodgetts says:
you guys have so much fun!!
Posted on: Nov 22, 2010
nallera says:
Hi there,

I think you might like my Scottish photo competition.

Posted on: Jul 09, 2009
Bondy2007 says:
This is the first time i have read this!
Who organised the meet up? just you? Aussie you are a little fibber!!! ;p

As for the Lori 'Witch, witch! Burn the witch!' incident, i think most will understand why...

You also forgot to mention how much of a girl Matt was at the end of the Ghost Tour, when he was pushing women and children out of his way to get out!
Posted on: May 18, 2009
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Bondy, Matt & Mark at Pizza Expres…
Bondy, Matt & Mark at Pizza Expre…
Lori - witch, witch, burn the witc…
Lori - witch, witch, burn the wit…
Anna, Lori & myself in some bar af…
Anna, Lori & myself in some bar a…
Brett, Lori, Bondy & Matt
Brett, Lori, Bondy & Matt
photo by: vances