A drive to Sabino Canyon ... so gorgeous and full of many cacti, EVERYWHERE!

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Sabino Canyon:  What a day I had with Africancrab (Harriet).  It all started by going to a Vietamese Restaurant for lunch with TB'er Tim (tyoung) and trying out their cold coffee while these 'things' perhaps berries would be eaten as I enjoyed their delicious cold coffee (YUMMY).  Then Harriet drove Tim to the airport where the 3 of us said our good-byes and the two of us headed to Sabino Canyon! ... We almost missed our ride up the Canyon for Harriet forgot her drink and ran back to the car to get it while I sat & saved the front seats.  We both 'shot away' having little time to talk ... everything passes so quickly and this being both Harriet's and my first time up the canyon we didn't want to miss a shot ... we debated where the best stop to get off and both of of agreed to ride up and ride back down and get off only 1 stop before the last stop .

.. YES, we didn't feel like walking the whole wat down and we wanted to trot off to Mt. Lemon where we would get to see the sun setting and because time was slipping away ... we both thought making a quick run-away would be the best way to ensure a beautiful evening at Mt. Lemon ... for some reason I'm thinking Mt. lemon was a new experience for both but not Sabino Canyon, something tells me Harriet had already been there before ... either way Sabino Canyon is one of those places you can visit and visit again ... always seeing it from a different perspective!! 


For the Sabino Canyon Tours call: 5900 N Sabino Canyon Rd., Tucson, AZ, 85750, 1-520-749-2861

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Sabino Canyon
photo by: Africancrab