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This is day three from Phuket, Thailand. Wow the time is flying by so quickly. It's already January 9th and we're flying back to San Diego on the 14th!!! It's really bittersweet. I'm having such a blast and meeting so many amazing people, yet I'm learning a lot of things about the world and of myself that I'm stoked to change and make happen!
We've been in Thailand for about 3 days now. It's been pretty relaxing so far, not too much craziness going on yet. The weather's fair, not as humid as I was expecting. We're staying at this place called the "Phuket Backpacker Inn." It's pretty chill, looks really ghetto from the outside but it's way shiek once you get in. Mostly English-speaking folk from Canada, Australia, England, and Ireland mostly.
The main places to visit in Phuket are Patong Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach, and of course the famous Koh Phi Phi (from the movie: The Beach). After our first night we checked out Karon beach which was like retirement beach pretty much. Tons of old wrinkled euro folk looking for cheap massages and a good drunken time. Kata is for the younger crowd but is super overpriced... maybe more than Bali. Haven't hit up Patong Beach yet.. I heard it's supposed to be real sleazy. We'll see, probablly tomorrow. We visited Phi Phi today which was amazing! Phi Phi Don (the main island) was incredible... it's like an old school port town filled with beautiful european women and breathtaking beaches. There's lots of those limestone island formations and crystal clear water which makes for tropical perfection!
We went on a tour that took us all over there on several boats. We snorkeled near Monkey Beach which is an island filled with wild monkeys wandering up and down the beach. So we jumped outta the boats and are enjoying the beautiful snorkeling area when I notice jelly fish. How wonderful. I see this one dad dragging his son back to the boat cause he got stung in the eye! Ouch. I ended up getting stung across my foot which started bleeding crazy! I'm fine though. I kinda wish we got to spend more time there, it was just a quick stop at the beautiful beaches. Next time I'm gonna actually stay there..they've modernized this island with tons of hotels and shops (unfortunately).
We were planning on leaving Phuket early because it was kinda lame early with all the touristy stuff and jacked up prices coupled with the cold rain. But it's getting better and we're meeting chill people at our hostel. Tomorrow we're gonna explore the city some more and hopefully have more adventures. It looks like the party is starting here at the hostel and everyone wants to go out and find an adventure. I'm a wanted man, I'll catch everyone up later when I get the chance. Hope you all are well!
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