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So we're in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's a very bright city with lots of advirtisements, shopping, and food vendors. It's more advanced than I had imagined and has very beautiful landscape...lots of palm trees!

The last few days have been a whirlwind and it's moving so quickly. We've met so many cool people in Indonesia. We stayed at Kuta Beach for a few days til we felt "touristed-out" and headed inland to the city of Ubud. Here we visited the Elephant Safari Park, which wasn't too cool cuz it's super overcharged and they treat the animals like slaves. So we didn't support them with any of our money. Figure we'll see some elephants in Thailand in the next couple of days! Next we headed to this ancient monkey forest in Ubud. It was nuts, hundreds of these monkeys everywhere snatching bananas and other fruits right outta your hands! It was a fun experience, we even saw a 4 story tree house in the rice fields!!

Ubud is a great escape from the crazy parties and tourism of Kuta Beach, yet it's on the rise of tourism. We woke up one morning at 1am at started our trek to the top of this active volcano called Mt. Batur. It was a crazy hike to the top, but the views and pictures we took were breathtaking. More monkeys and wild dogs everywhere up there too. BTW, in Indonesia there are hundreds of wild stray dogs lining the streets. It's actually pretty sad cause they're so skinny. Anyways, our guides to the top were totally chill and we talked a bit about their lives. Turns out they still have the caste system and it's sad that such smart, skilled, and genuinely great people have to live such restricted, poor lives because of the families they were born into. I guess we're very fortunate for freedom in the states.

Back to Kuta Beach, we stopped at this famous beach break... "Dreamland." It definitely was a dream-like beach. So beautiful and such warm waters. We got back to Kuta Beach and checked into a new bungalow hotel. Met some cool girls from England/Wales, Hungary, & Japan. Went to this bar/club called Bounty Hunter, which was filled with she-male transvestites, drunk australian "bros", and gay men, so we bounced. The other club we went to, M-BAR-GO was off the chain. It was all good until some guy was punching some girls. So my buddy Amit stepped in and pushed the guy off in a non-confrontational way. This guy comes back to fight Amit, but I grabbed him from behind and threw him to the ground. He came back at me, but I was ready to throw down. I pushed him pretty hard again and he fell down, then the bouncer pushed me back cause I was pretty pumped up. I lost my hat somewhere in the mix and Amit lost his sandal.

The night actually ended up great though, the English girl kept buying me drinks and getting guys to buy me shots of Tequila. There was a big break dance/ pop n lock dance off thing, and just lots of overall fun. It was our last night in Kuta so we went all out. Afterwards we were chilling on the corner of a street and meet these cool peoples. One was a rapper, the others were Singaporean (?) and one was the most beautiful woman I've ever met or probablly ever seen in my life fittingly named Bella. We all just jammed to Bob Marley, the Fugess, Sublime, etc... beat boxed, rapped, smoked, drank, and just had fun til the sun came up. I'm glad cause we've been getting a lot of comments that we've changed many peoples' perspectives on Americans cause all the ones they've met before have been assholes. You are all welcome!

Tomorrow we'll be on the beaches of Thailand in Phuket. I know I know it's a crazy town with lots of crazy people, but it'll be an interesting experience. I've been told of $1 buckets of vodka on the beach. hmmm...
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