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– For the rest of us  there’s VISA – and, if you are truly lucky, the Four Seasons


It happened in an instant. At a pedestrian crossing a man asking for money came up close behind. I was startled by the thrust of his cupped hand between myself and Kathie, and barely noticed that he had pressed against my back. Before I could turn, the light changed. The crowd moved and the man was no longer there. .  It wasn’t long after that  when I noticed my bag was unzipped and my wallet was gone. 

That quick-handed devil was no better off for his efforts – that wallet had no cash, no dinero, no indeed. My money was in my front pocket. He was,, however in possession of my debit and credit cards…. For as long as it took to make a couple of calls.

Now here was the real problem, It was late on a Saturday afternoon, We were leaving the country before dawn, I had  a week of travelling left and  about thirty bucks on me. I did have VISA’s emergency coverage, but what I really needed was a service miracle. That came  in the form of the Four Seasons. I, of course had copies of my card info. And, yes also of course, they were in my wallet. ( As these details moved me ever closer to the ‘fool’ category, I was  recognizing a certain ‘divine intervention’ quality in the guise of the Four Seasons team). They navigated the  languages of the VISA customer service network. They pulled off a four country, four party conference call that connected the umbrella service with the underwriting bank and  the third party payer.  They insisted, respectfully, that arrangements for funds  happen that evening. They provided transport, translation and support at the police station, and they continued this full support all the way through to the delivery of funds at the one still-open Western Union branch that they could find  And, on the way back to the hotel they topped the whole thing off with another true Four Seasons touch …….  We’d asked earlier that day about a certain restaurant. They dropped us at its door where our table was waiting. ..

In their hands what was certainly a serious problem, became instead an adventure with a very good ending.

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