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We woke up quite early that day. Felix was complaining because I kicked him in my sleep. We had king size bed for three of us, that kind of thing normally happens. After shower Ju called a cab to pick us, she can not join our trip today because she had to work. She briefed the cab driver to take us to Wat Phra Kaew/Grand Palace. We arrived in 40 minutes and it was 11AM already. Before entering the Wat, we decided to have brunch. We found a small restaurant (I can not find the name) across the Wat with menu in English. The place just opened and we were the only guests. I ordered Black Pepper Beef with rice, while Felix, no doubt, ordering Pork Fried Rice. The food was good, but the portion kinda small but it was enough to start the day. The restaurant owner who a middle aged lady was very nice, with broken English, she explained to us which way to take if we want to go to Wat Pho later on that day.

As a thank you, we ordered a dessert menu which was Taro Pearls in Coconut Cream, served warm.
Rented Shirt
We entered Wat Phra Kaew together with a bunch of tourists. We bought the ticket which was already in a package with Vinmanmek Mansion ticket. In the entrance, suddenly the ticket ladies stopped me; and guess what? she found there's rip in my shirt. No other options but to rent one. As I queue with other 'unproperly dressed' tourists I realize that they also prohibit short pants and tank tops. When it came to my turn, after deposit 100THB, the lady said "you can choose one shirt from there" as if they have various shirt to rent. But instead, I found a dozen pieces of free-sized plain blue shirt, so basically what can I choose?? Felix and Astrid were hilarious seeing me in that shirt, because everyone who rented was wearing the same shirt as mine.
It feels like a uniform or something. They mocked me as the factory labor who escaped her working hour, as in Indonesia most of factory labor were wearing plain blue uniform. Haha, funny guys.

Wat Phra Kaew
My first impression of Wat Pra Kaew was...goldy. There were too many golden things, which was not bad, as the color blue was actually matched with gold. Haha. We try to take a picture of every inches of the Wat, but I actually hoped we had a tour guide which can explained everything about the Wat. Although we had the Guide Book, it still seemed not enough. Astrid was not quite enthusiastic though, since it was her second visit. She just wait outside while me and Felix entering the hall of the Jade Buddha. The room was cool and I feel like take a nap in there. Just like people said that Jade brings the calm and cool ambiance.
I try to hold myself not doing what they forbid to do; it were pointing ad the Buddha, sit with your feet toward the Buddha, etc.

Grand Palace
Unfortunately, some section of Grand Palace was closed for tourist. They had a funeral. We stop by the Museum of weapons but ended up frantically rushing out. We were imagining how those weapons killing people, stab them, shot them. ugh. Then we take more and more pictures. Enough with the Grand Palace, next destination was Wat Pho.
But I have to return the shirt first, with the heartbreak of my partners.

The Walk
Following the instruction which given by the restaurant owner, we walked along the Wat Phra Kaew wall to the Wat Pho. But in the middle of the walk we were stopped by a tuk tuk driver. He was offering a ride to Wat Pho for only 5 THB each person (or at least we think so). We're still not sure but we climbed on the tuk tuk anyway. He drove us to the other direction instead and suddenly stop, jumped off the tuk tuk and showed us a broschure. With broken English he said "I take you here, here, here, here (pointing pictures in the brochures). 5 Baht!!". He meant, he'll take us to all those places for 5 THB per person per places. So we said "Noo, we only want to go here (pointing Wat Pho picture in the brochure". And he shaked his head and ejected us from the tuk tuk. We were a bit mad, confused and ridiculous.
So we continue the walk, thank God he hadn't bring us too far. It was hot, so we stop by several times to buy drinks and fruits. Along the way there are many souvenir vendors (not only souvenir, I think). Astrid found the striped heart shaped shades, similar with the one P Diddy had on some gala events in Hollywood (but his was not heart shaped) only for 50 THB.

Wat Pho
With another 50 THB we took pictures with the reclining Buddha. It was so huuge, made it hard to have a full body picture. Not hard, impossible. And then we explore the marbles slabs a bit. We've heard that they have a Massage School in Wat Pho, but we have no idea where to go to get a massage there. So we decided to go to our next destination, Wat Arun.

Wat Arun
We have to walk to the nearest Pier which wasn't as far as the Wat Phra Kaew to Wat Pho walk. We passing a market which was a royal families residents said the tourist information signage. Took a ferry to cross the river, cost 5 THB, it was my first river ferry ride, very bumpy even it was on the water. Somehow the tide is high. We were a bit too tired when we arrived at Wat Arun, so instead of exploring the prangs, we just sit by the garden and watch other tourists climbing the stairs. My feet is killing me.

Lunch (?)
We crossed the river back since we didn't find any interesting food stalls in Wat Arun. And pick a food stall in the sidewalk. The menu was various type of pork with white rice. Though the dressing was similar like 'Pecel' dressing, it was good.
The best dish of pork by far, said Felix. And it was only cost for 60 THB, plus another 20 THB for a glass of cold Thai Tea.

Tuk tuk ride
We need to go back to Khao San to buy bus ticket to Krabi, so we decided to take a Tuk tuk ride. Unlike the first one, we manage to bargain the rate with the driver first. He said the rate was 100 THB to Khao San, but then he gave us 60 THB only because we were dead set ("60 Baht or not at all!"). The driver was talkative. First he asked us "are you Indonesians", we surprised "yes, how can you tell?". "Only Indonesians bargains like that". I don't know how should I feel toward that, I guess it's a compliment though. Along the way he recommend some good restaurant to us, although what he offered was Pizza Hut, which we have hundreds of them in Jakarta, but it still nice.
At Khao San, Felix ask him to take a picture together and another picture for Felix Driving a Tuk tuk, and he let him.

Night Out
We managed to back at Ju's house at 7. Take a shower and time for Saturday night out. We picked up Ting and Yin, high school friends of Ju to have dinner first. We had ramen in a Japanese restaurant. The portion is quite big, and I was it just my feeling or it was taste more Thai than Japanese? We also ordered fried cow tongue. Chewing it was called 'fench kissing'.
First destination was Bamblu Bar, a small cafe in Sukhmvit area. The place is packed so we were waiting outside to be seated. Most of the crowd were locals, I guess the place were pretty popular among locals. Ju's other friend, Dream, greeted us.
She's been there with several other friends and later on we joined their table. Then Dimitri and Anne also came. Bamblu was similar to DOS, with better environment. They had local band playing, but instead top fourty they sang Thai pop songs, which none can I understand (duh!). Again, they served us with JackD Cola. I was only drinking the Cola but Dream was pretty forceful, she kept pouring JackD to our glasses. I manage to escape her finally together with my Belgium friends. Outside the Bar, there was the smoking area, a terrace with several seating, where we swap stories about the day. Dimitri and Anne was going to go back to Belgium the next day so they decided not to get drunk that night.

Later on that night, Ju was taking us to another place quite near to Bamblu named Glow.
Not like Bamblu, they have 4 storeys building with bar, club, café and lounge in each storey. We had to show our passport to get in, to make sure we were old enough. We go straight to the rooftop where they have outdoor lounge. The place has quite sophisticated interiors, and they had DJ playing chill out sounds (this one I’m familiar with). They served various cocktail; we ordered some Mojitos and continuing the conversation. Em and Naam also joined us. In Bangkok the clubs and bars have to closed in 2AM, so basically we spent less than an hour in Glow. While in Jakarta, you can spend almost 4 days in a club. Haha

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photo by: Deats