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With a really good deal tickets and two of my best friends as partners, I was obsessively take the opportunity to go. Me and my parners, Astrid and Felix took Air Asia direct flights to Bangkok from Jakarta, costs only 75 USD per person for a round trip. 8AM the flight depart and landed 3,5 hours later in Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. Got to admit we haven't perfectly prepared the trip except for the airplane ticket, so when we arrive we're quite clueless. Ju, our local friend suppose to pick us up and somehow our cellphone just went dead. We finally found her after half an hour of waiting at the pick up point like lost puppies, and get out of the airport a.s.a.p.
First thing we did in bangkok, were to have lunch. We stopped by in a Seafood restaurant first to have luch. The restaurant is quite decent, located aside a not so crowded main road. The menu was written in Thai so we leave it all to Ju. Felix special request was "Pork!anything with Pork!" since it was wuite difficult to find various pork dishes in Indonesia. Ju was ordering 5 menu's which I can not spell the Thai names, but in common English they were: grilled shrimp, rice noodles with beef, pork tom yum, baked (i guess) pork with thai dressings, and pain egg omelet (we have this one in Indonesia, called Telur Dadar). The food tasted more sour and spicy than the average Indonesian food. We were tempted to order a dessert, so we order a grassjelly ice, which in Indonesia we called it "Es Cincau". But the taste was so much better than what we have..hmm yummy! (you can see the pictures in 'I[heart]Thai Dishes" album)
Where to stay
In the car, Ju was offering us to stay in her house where his brother's room was vacant. He was visiting Tokyo. "So if you dont have any plans about where to stay yet, you guys can stay in my house" she said. Well, the elevator in her resident was out of service, but still this was a very good offer, especialy because we hadn't book any hotel yet. So there it was, the accomodation has been settled, we're heading to Bang Khae district, west side of the Chao Phraya River, the suburb of Bangkok to climb six storeys high (!!) and take a rest.
Khao San Road
After a short nap (I only slept for three hours last night), Ju was taking us to Khao San Road to wandering and to meet Em, another local friend. We arrived in Khao San around 6 PM,  Ju park the car in the parking lot and we walked through the alleys to Khao San. I remember we found a guesthouse named Kawin place and we started to laugh, in Bahasa, Kawin means have sex. Felix took a picture of the signage. I was having a love struck in my first sight of Khao San, can't explain which particular part, but maybe just all of it. First Astrid and Felix exchange some money into Thai Baht, and we start to blend in the crowd.
Food Vendors
We hadn't had dinner and we were not that hungry either, but somehow it was so easy to be tempted by all kind of snacks and food they sold. There were Pad Thai, sliced fresh fruits, Barbecues, ice creams, and even various fried grossy insects!! Funny thing happened, when we stop by to take a picture of those fried insects, there were pair of foreigners who bought a small plastic bag of it. They were arguing about who should eat it first till they realized we were staring at those bugs, and they offered us to try some. Felix actually take one fried maggot and eat it (yuck!) and the pair was only staring at him and asked "how does it taste?".
I manage to bought only a straw hat for 120 THB and save money for not buying 200 THB shirts (but spend more on street food, haha). One of them was a Daft Punk shirt which I regret till now (*sob). We also browse for some cute sunnies there we lip-shaped, star-shaped and heart-shaped in various colors, but unfortunately it cost twice the straw hat and the vendor refused us to bargain. Astrid bought some earings, while Felix bought some shorts (because he didn't bring enough shorts for the whole trip).We were hoping to find better stuff with better price in JJ Market later on, anyway.
Enough walking, we're heading to Chakrapong Road. There's a nice restaurant not far from The Gullivers, too bad I forget the name. The restaurant has two area; indoor and outdoor. With trees and small lamps create a romantic ambiance. Em arrived 15 minutes later. She was together with his boyfriend, Naam and her college friends in London, a Belgium couple, Dimitri and Anne. Again, Ju take the honor to ordering food for the rest of us. She was just a freak control, we mocked. But she never disappointed us. I'm not sure how many dishes she ordered because it was just keep on coming; fried rice served in pineapple, raw prawns, grilled pork with cashew nuts, Tom Yum Gong, Sweet and sour fish, and not to mention, dessert. We were too busy eating and not taking pictures of the dishes.
After finished dinner, with full stomach, there were 10 of us already with some of Naam's friend joined. We're heading back to Khao San Road, this time just to hang out in some cafe. The cafe was located in one of the many alleys in Khao San which was dark, narrow and dirty. We even met mice, twice! Em screamed and runaway, abandoned the rest of us in the alley. Surprisingly, the cafe was nice, it was clean and warm. The name was DOS, stands for Destination Of Satisfaction, offering live band singing top fourty songs. We were seated on the corner, and served with JackD Cola, however I dont feel like drinking either singing, because the band offer us to jam. One of Naam's friend was singing a popular Thai song on stage with the band. It was one cute song, but I forget the title. At midnight, Ju decide to call it a night and brought us home.
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