Halloween on the Caye...Fido's Costume Party & a Groping at Big Daddy's

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Michelle, Mike, Creselda and the kids

Since we were going to be out pretty late, Silvina and I decided to take it super easy again since our plans to go onto the mainland for a ruins trip were cancelled.  We were talking about trying to do a tour but they were cancelled for the day due to the rains - the only thing that was going was a manatee trip and since you can't swim with them, not really worth it! 

We lounged on the beach part of the afternoon and then it was time to make the 3 hour pilgrimage to get ready in our costumes for another night of fun!  Sadly, everyone was kinda doing their own thing for dinner and we didn't want to go into town in our costumes to eat because they weren't really comfortable, especially mine!  Mark had come by to see what the plan was and WOW.

Scary me, Creselda, and her kids...they look so cute!
..he looked great in his pirate costume!  I didn't actually recognize him at first - too cool!  We decided to meet him at Fido's at 9pm so we would have time to get ready and everything.  We had heard they would be serving food so Silvina and I figured we could grab something there. 

We scrambled to get ready and made our way downstairs to take a couple pics with Mike and Michelle.  Creselda had brought her kids by a bit earlier before they headed to their Halloween party so I have one shot with them although I shouldn't have been in any photos since I just got out of the shower!  Scary! One thing I have to say about dressing up somewhere like Belize is that it's AWFUL wearing heels in the sand and on the cobblestone streets - especially platforms!  We headed out in search of a cab while people in a golf cart across the way were asking us how long we were going to try and walk like that! LOL.

Silvina and I at our bar before leaving

Next door our friends from the police department were getting ready to head out for work and wanted to see what our costumes looked like once we were finished getting ready.  We met up with them in the plaza and took a couple photos (people probably think they were dressed up for Halloween actually) and we headed back out to hail a cab! 

We got to Fido's but it was pretty dead and no sign of Mark. We hung out for a bit and once we found out no food, we quickly ran across the street to get a bite to eat and asked our waitress to let Mark know if he showed up.  We got back and still no Mark...we were worried he came and left but I had no way to get ahold of him so we just kept wandering around the bar periodically looking for him.

With Mike, Michelle, and Sherlyn before we take off
  They were already starting to judge costumes and did the most original costume first.  They put everyone on a stage and gave them numbers and people called out along with a panel of judges.  People we knew talked Silvina and I into going up for the sexiest costume and I want to kill them now looking back on it!! OMG, talk about embarrassing!!!!!

So, for the sexiest costume, you had to introduce yourself and say where you are from while being checked out on stage.  Now, I should probably back up here and mention what had been going on prior to this.  I found myself with an older admirer who would not leave me alone. He kept putting drinks on the ground and wanted me to bend over.  It was rather disgusting and I kept telling him I would not do it!  So, fast forward to us on stage and guess who's there right in front of me, snapping 10,000 photos.

Ok, now I am finished and ready for pictures...ha ha.
  I told Silvina...."somewhere out there tonight, an old man is doing obscene things to my pictures......EEEEWWWWW". HA HA HA HA.  He kept yelling at me while they were talking to the girls and telling me I would for sure win if I just bent over or turned around and bent over.  I tried to ignore him but he seriously, was right there and had to have taken 20-30 photos of me.  Surprised he didn't just do the video feature!  Uuuugh.

We get through the introductions and think we are good when the guy comes back around and says we have to say why we are sexy.  Holy s&*%!!!  What the heck are we going to say.  We are ready to hop off the stage however the step down is a milk crate with lots of big holes that our heels would go right through and our friend is not helping us off stage.

Silvina and I at Fido's
  GRRRRR! So, I was last in line and couldn't think of anything witty to say other than, "what's NOT sexy about a beer wench?!?!"  Yeah, lame, but the best I could do on 30 seconds notice! 

So, we think we are done with that and then the kicker...oh no, now we gotta dance.  Dude, are you kidding me? My shoe had already broken earlier in the night and I tried to super glue the platform back together...oh yeah, that was quite a sight when it broke! LOL.  And I was on a wobbly piece of wood in 3 inch plus heels.  So, whatever, Silvina and I decided to draw a different type of attention to ourselves and began to do a little freaky dancing with each other (would take the focus off I am about to fall off stage and my shoes at this point).

Hey Mel...I had your lucky #8 but I didn't win! LOL
  Fortunately, the judges had already picked a winner down the other end of stage which was a local girl dressed in a sexy cop uniform.  We hurried off the stage, beyond red face, and back to our table where we started doing shots!!! LOL. 

While we were sitting there, I spot someone walk into the bar out of the corner of my eye and it's none other than...da da da da...RUSSELL!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!  At this point, we had seen him every day of our trip!!  He was there with some friends and said hi to me briefly and that was about it.  He was up at the bar and we were down by the dance floor.  Soon, another local guy came up and introduced himself but I can't remember his name...Martin I think it was?  He's a divemaster with TB Wendy's friend Michael and also with Russell.

Cheers..shot time!
  Way too small of an island I swear! 

We chatted a bit, took some photos with some of the other crazy costumed people - there were some great ones at this party because the Pimps N Ho's ball was going on elsewhere so people cycled in and out all night.  We should've stopped by as well but we were told you had to be dressed like a ho or pimp to get in...although I saw pictures later that indicated regular dressed people attended.  Oh well!!

We decided to go ahead and leave and head to Big Daddy's next door which was a nightclub.  Yeah....interesting place to say the least. I had heard mixed things about it and that it was somewhat of a hoodlum hang out.  NO JOKE!!!! Silvina and I were the only two American girls in there and I was talked dirty to, groped, grabbed, and just kinda treated like a piece of meat.

One of my new friends...LOL
  There was a lot of police presence there so I was not really scared, but certainly didn't like the crowd present.  BLAH.  Shortly after we got on the dancefloor, in walks the other dive instructor we just met (Martin?) and he tries to get me to dance with him.  He was fine until he tried to get a little frisky and I told him I was seeing someone and he so eloquently pointed out, the guy wasn't there...so oh well! LOL.  Yeah, uh., hmmm........and then he asked me if the guy would share!! HAHA.  You gotta love the guys on the island - they are harmless but oh such the player! 

It was getting pretty late already and Fido's has already closed at 2am so the crowd had come over to Big Daddy's and was getting a little rowdy so we decided to head home.

I had to get a pic with these guys!!! Especially cuz I look like an A cup next to Santa!! HAHA
  We ran into the police guys who made sure we got a cab and we were off back to the hotel safe and sound! 

Hard to believe it was already going to be our last full day there...where did the week go?!?! :-(

PrissyT says:
yeah, I would like to hear the answer to mels question. lol!
Posted on: Nov 06, 2008
mellemel8 says:
so why are you sexy erin HAHAHA :P
Posted on: Nov 05, 2008
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Michelle, Mike, Creselda and the k…
Michelle, Mike, Creselda and the …
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Scary me, Creselda, and her kids.…
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Hey Mel...I had your lucky #8 but…
Cheers..shot time!
Cheers..shot time!
One of my new friends...LOL
One of my new friends...LOL
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I had to get a pic with these guy…
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Trying to squeeze the three of us…
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Silvina and I dancing
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Silvina and I in Big Daddys
Silvina and I in Big Daddy's
On the dance floor at Big Daddys
On the dance floor at Big Daddy's
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