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the frightened face

It's a mission to accomplish, that I will just have to be a diver. Not that I will be keen on diving, but to be able to, is something that I want to achive.

So, there I was, after a bit of research and email enquiries to several dive operators in Bali, I was sitting on their reception desk filling in the registration form. Several forms were there, incl. the medical questionnaire. One staff, that apparently was my instructor, assisted me in getting the form done. I was good for the course with the classroom session started on the next day. We actually had the option to go with 3 or 4 day course, with no different in cost.

I had no clue on who's going to be the other course participants, however, I was ensured that there will be other (s).

the before
There was another parcitipant, an Englishman who already turns to his 61 this year. I was amazed by his spirit of adventure.

Day 1 was full of modules to learn from, video, discussion and quizes starts from the equipments, techniques, and how to handle emergencies ('what if' scenarioes). Upon finishing this day, I was a little bit unsure on what I had been doing there...I was actually building my phobia for being in a huge amount of water, sea water, precisely. However, I paid the course completely, so, buggerrr off....I continued the course.

Day 2 was one pool (confined water) session and one open water ocean dive. The day was very hot, my 5mm wet suit tortured me a lot, not to mention the hands-on skills that we practised together in the interest on diving was getting a little bit less by the day.

more and more
The ocean dive in Sanur didn't bring much to get my interest. I hate the taste of sea water in my nose, yet I had to open up my eyes under the water, and the dry throat feeling was not the best idea in life. I survived the day, still with big question mark in my head.

Day 3 was the dive trip. We went to Tulamben, Bali, as said to be the good and yet, easy, dive site in Bali. At first, I said to myself that it's okay for not completing the whole 3 dives we planned. However, it was all started very well, and eventually, with the good water clarity, colorful coral and fishes, I found that 3 dives (55, 50 and 45 minutes) that we did consecutively was not enough! I managed to get rid of the feeling of dry throat.

after...with Sir James Raymond and Menyun, the instructor.
Yay...we did and the old Englishman did it. One thing is that...good dive site is required to make everything worth the trip, energy and hassle!

One advise...the whole cycle of experience, was a result of I went to dive with bare knowledge and skill last year, plus a combination of this course. My dive last year was also in Tulamben, with a 'mickey mouse' dive operator that was actually let me dive by myself in a 10 meter depth where resulted in I got panicked and surfaced up after coughing in the water and a mask full of water. Bottom line, don't do...i really mean this....don't dive without a proper diving course, regardless the certification comes from, as the skill and technique is really one that is lining between life and death. When nothing goes wrong, it's easy to say that the coral and fish are beautiful...but many things can get wrong down there, and something that can happen, will happen!

Enjoy diving!



ainiabdul says:
:) nice!
Posted on: Aug 10, 2010
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the frightened face
the frightened face
the before
the before
more and more
more and more
after...with Sir James Raymond and…
after...with Sir James Raymond an…
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