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The sky was finally drained, allowing the sun to shine through. I wasted no time exploring the waters that surrounded the island and headed straight to the other side where the marine sanctuary was situated.

There was no beach to speak of, just a bed of dead corals to carefully tread on before jumping into the water. I didn't have to swim too far to appreciate the sanctuary. The place is one big hot spot - once submerged, the life underwater just presented itself to me. The sea floor was brimming with color from the hard and soft corals; schools of all sorts of fish were freely swimming around me; and there were loads more of various other life forms which I can't even begin to identify.

As it had been raining the past couple of days, the water got too cold for me after about an hour and I decided to head back and grab some lunch.
It was too bad though as I was wasn't able to spot a sea turtle where a friend of mine had earlier. Ah well, there's always next time but for now, it's boring beach food again.

After lunch, I went down to the beach right by the resort. Like the sanctuary, there was lots of marine life literally two steps from the shore. It's almost as if the fish are waiting for an audience, excited to show the guests what life is like in their habitat. I didn't go very far as there was an abundance of life to survey right there.

In the early evening, I set out to check out the light house. It wasn't that far away, but it was a bit of trek going up. There was about a 300 (or was it 500) step climb after which you trek the rest of the way to the top of the mountain.
The sun had just started to set as I reached to summit but had enough time to view the surrounding area. It was breathtaking to be up there with no noisy strangers to ruin the moment though it did get a bit creepy afterward as twilight set in against an abandoned-looking shack and an old, non-operational light house. Took a few snaps here and there and headed back.

I took my dinner at the only other resort on the island - the Liberty Resort. I found that they had a wider selection on their menu, but still no fatty pork to be ordered. The food here is much better, though I would take the beach view from my resort to the noisy daily grind scene of fishing boats, souvenir vendors and kids at play over here.

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Apo Island
photo by: buddieshot