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I start the day driving towards Gettysburg. But shortly after I have left this morning something strange happens. I drive down the interstate - and suddenly they increase the speed limit from the ridiculous 65 miles per hour in Virginia to 70 - great I can shave of several minutes of travel time this way by increasing my speed from somewhat above 65 to somewhat above 70. But why did they change the speed limit? I am a bit surprised but I guess it may be because I have just crossed the border to Maryland.


I drive a bit further down the road and there is a sign announcing there is a welcome centre just down the road - but it is not a welcome centre to Maryland but West-Virginia. Strange to have a welcome centre for West-Virginia in Maryland - I don't get it. I had checked the map yesterday before planning the route - and the map in Rand McNally of Virginia clearly stated I was supposed to drive along this road from Virginia straight into Maryland. But for some reason I get all these disturbing signs about West-Virginia.


Later this night I checked the maps a bit more - and it appears the editor of the Virginia map is from Virginia and has still not come to term with West-Virginia seceding from Virginia during the Civil War hence he did not recognize the state and claim it was all Maryland - or something like that.


But my tour in West-Virginia raises a serious issue - what is the minimum requirement to check of a state on the Travbuddy travel map? It is a hard issue - do you need to spend a night in the state? Put your foot down on the ground in the state? Drive through the state in a car without stopping or even considering stopping? Change plane in an airport within the state? All very hard questions to answer.


Well I figure if the Americans and Japanese can do a mad tour of Europe checking of 10 countries with in 3 days - my trip through West-Virginia clearly justify a mark on the map - after all I spend almost 10 minutes driving through the state. Airport stops on the other hand do not count - unless you have driven through the state - I all ready got New Jersey marked down.


Ok I am getting close to 50 states now - marking down yet another state making it my 6th drive through state after Rhode Island, New Jersey, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas - actually I might have stopped for gas in Arkansas - I am not sure so I may have touched the ground in that state.

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photo by: nathanphil