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Happy Halloween Pumpkin
Thursday, October 30th
Note: More photos to follow when I have the time to edit them - make sure to look at the ones not displayed in-line by clicking on them at the bottom....

Thursday was pretty uneventful (well at least once the twins went to school) and I spent the day working from Chicago with a fairly light schedule.  Milt and Dianna (Cindy and Cathy’s Dad and step-mom/mom) came over to start their baby-sitting stint and see us. The highlight of the evening was when I shut down my laptop and heard three little girls chanting “Uncle Larry! Uncle Larry! Uncle Larry!” from upstairs.  I walked up to find the three little blonds in the tub.
Morgan, McClain and Bailey welcome Aunt Cindy and Uncle Larry
  They wanted me to show them how to squirt water at each other by squeezing their hands together like anyone who was ever on swim team can do.  This didn’t work so well but was pretty fun to watch.  Besides, how many of you can say you had three hot, naked blondes chanting your name?
Friday October 31st
So you might have wondered why there was a pumpkin on a blog about Nicaragua but the answer is simple.  Today is Halloween and we had the entertainment of trick-or-treating with the girls.  More on that a bit but, first a brief interlude into my professional life…
As you can see by the picture of me diligently working in my office, I am truly professional and dedicated to the success of my company and career at any and all price.
McClain Rocking out on the Horsey
  I had committed to help deliver an on-line training class about some of our solutions to a number of recently hired sales reps and sales management.  Originally, I had the intent to go into our Chicago branch office but, since another project has been postponed, decided to take the call from the house.  As you can see from my surroundings, Robb and Cathy spared no expense in furnishing the office with the best desk, chair and accessories (notice the choo-choo train).  Plus a sweet, dual-screen setup!  What more could an enterprising software professional want?
The call went off fine (other than Ric our Marketing Manager who led the call discovering some of my fine photos on Travbuddy and using them in his presentation) and we wrapped up in plenty of time to get ready for Halloween.
Manufacturing Vertical Training from the basement

Cathy, Dianna, Cindy and I headed out with Bailey and Morgan to their school a few blocks away to start the Trick-or-Treat festivities.  Bailey was dressed as a spotted dog and Morgan as Queen Amidala from Star Wars (whom admittedly Cindy and I are clueless having only seen the original Star Wars…).  The school was a hysterical pandemonium of little kids running around in costumes.  We ended up walking around for a few hours through the neighborhood with some friends of Cathy and Robb’s and their two kids (Ariana dressed as Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka and David dressed as something green, not sure…Cindy says perhaps the Incredible Hulk)
After a bit, Robb showed up with McClain in tow, dressed as a kitty-cat.  She was pretty enamored with the whole idea of getting free candy and fell into pace with the older girls quickly.
Bailey the Dog for Halloween
Being the world traveler that he is, he showed up prepared with a portable ice chest filled with adult trick-or-treats such as rum and scotch which we all secretively poured into water bottles and cokes since he forgot the glasses…

Bailey had a loose tooth for the last several days and Grampa Milt kept trying to get her to let him yank it out.  She refused but it finally popped out while she was munching a piece of candy.  She was very concerned that, since she apparently swallowed the tooth in the candy, the Tooth Fairy might not show up.  I guess inflation has hit since she got $5 for her first tooth.  Cathy thought Bailey was more concerned about the Tooth Fairy not visiting than she would be tomorrow about her parents bailing for a week…

For further information on the Tooth Fairy, please click this hyperlink The Tooth Fairy's Tats

That night we did final packing and had pizza with Dave (Cindy and Cathy’s brother), Milt and Dianna and the girls.  Tomorrow it is off for Nicaragua and everyone is excited (not so much Morgan or Bailey though…)
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Happy Halloween Pumpkin
Happy Halloween Pumpkin
Morgan, McClain and Bailey welcome…
Morgan, McClain and Bailey welcom…
McClain Rocking out on the Horsey
McClain Rocking out on the Horsey
Manufacturing Vertical Training fr…
Manufacturing Vertical Training f…
Bailey the Dog for Halloween
Bailey the Dog for Halloween
Morgan as Queen Amidala for Hallow…
Morgan as Queen Amidala for Hallo…
Robb and Cathy providing Trick-or-…
Robb and Cathy providing Trick-or…
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