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San Juan del Sur Panorama
Wednesday, November 05
Well after all the hysteria of the elections last night, we all slept in a bit before walking down to the clubhouse area where we had a typical Nicaraguan breakfast poolside.  It was already getting toasty out but was pretty nice since we seem to be the only people actually staying at Villas Palermo.  Bosco, who is sort of the local handy man offered to drive us down into San Juan del Sur so we could check out the beach and the tiny, dusty little town so we took him up on the offer and crammed into his cart and headed into town which is only about a ten minute ride.

Once we got there, we wandered through town which is only several blocks long and walked a long way out on the beach which was really more of a port beach than a nice, kickback beach with not a whole lot going on.
Sandinista Motorcycle with Eskimo Pie Cart
  We turned around to head the other way to the actual port and, after 20 minutes of walking, decided that a cold Tona would be appropriate to lubricate us for the walk in the other direction to the port.  I did manage to snap some shots and put them into the panorama that you see here (it does look a lot better on a big TV than the squished version here).  In addition, I couldn’t help snap the picture of the motorcycle with the Sandinista flag and the Eskimo Pie ice cream cart – somehow I thought that was hysterical but I guess even guerrilla politicians need to eat Eskimo Pies.

We walked all the way to the port which was actually kind of sketchy with various unsavory characters hanging out pretending to half work.  There wasn’t much of anything going on at the port including no fishing boats or water taxis which are supposed to take you to the nicer surfing beaches not easily accessible by road.
Octagonal White House in San Juan del Sur
  Oh well, we headed back in to town for the next adventure which was to try to find the real estate office that Rob had emailed about seeing more properties.  Hopefully they will more what he is looking for than some of the Isletas in Granada ended up being…

Well once we walked back into town we decided to turn up one of the streets running inland lined with budget tourist hotels and shops, looked up and saw the sign for the real estate company that we were searching for.  That was too easy!  We walked in and were introduced to a Belgian guy named Joos (or as Robb called him “Juice” but not in an OJ “I’m locked up for the rest of my pathetic life” kind of way…).  He hadn’t eaten lunch nor had we so we said if he would suggest a good local place, we would treat.
View of the Bay from the White House
  We walked a few more blocks inland to the local market where we had a fantastic but hot and sweaty lunch with the locals and the budget travelers who were all hanging out having a good time.  I had really tasty pan fried chicken with rice and beans and salad before we headed out in Joos’s four wheel drive truck to visit some of the local lots and houses.

We drove up a really steep, windy hill taking a look at some condo-esque buildings on the way that were pretty uninteresting and stopped at a lot on the summit overlooking several bays.  We all got out and tromped around in the weeds looking at the awesome view.  There was a recently built, very high-tech white and stainless steel house next door that was pretty interesting but the lot was pretty pricey at $250,000 or something (plus it has got to be expensive to build way up on this cliff).
Cathy in Panorama
  There was another really nice lot around the corner that was long and skinny situated right on the cliff overlooking the entire harbor.  Initially we thought it was $100,000 but then Joos remembered that he had actually bid on the lot for his parents who bought here and their bid of $170,000 wasn’t accepted.  He thought that with the dismal economy and all, you might be able to get it for $180,000 or so and building is apparently about $75-100/ft so if you built say a 3,200 square foot house it would cost about $500,000 for what is even down there probably close to a million dollar home (let alone what a 3,200 square foot house on a cliff overlooking the Pacific would cost in California…)

After those lots we drove over some more very steep roads to the next cliff overlooking the next set of bays up the coast.
Sunset in San Juan del Sur
  Here we stopped at a spec home that the son of one of the local real estate moguls had built that was pretty cool (the white one in the pictures).  This one was sort of octagonal with a gourmet kitchen and a couple of bedrooms with a really nice view of the bay from it’s perch high on the cliff.

The last stuff that we looked at was more along the lines of what Cathy and Robb are interested in which was raw land in the $75,000-$100,000 range.  We drove to a couple of different developments (roads pending…) and looked at some really nice sites.  One of them had a huge lot with water and services overlooking all three of the bays that we visited throughout the day.  As you can tell from her smile, Cathy kind of liked that one…

We had pre-arranged to meet Bosco at the local grocery store called Pali where we planned to stock the kitchen a bit and enjoy some of our own cooking.
Enjoying the Patio at Villas Palermo
  We wandered the aisles buying food and supplies for the next few days.  We mistakenly ended up sort of stealing some plastic bags not realizing that we were supposed to pay for them (oops).  Bosco picked us up and putted us up the hill in the underpowered and cramped little cart where we proceeded to sit on our patio drinking cocktails, smoking cigars and watching the sunset.  After that, we went to the pool for a pre-dinner dip and flopped around in the really nice pool which we had to ourselves before heading back to our Villa and cooking a scrumptious dinner.

Tomorrow we are going to catch a ride to one of the more remote beaches and hopefully enjoy some surf.  Buenos Noches!

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San Juan del Sur Panorama
San Juan del Sur Panorama
Sandinista Motorcycle with Eskimo …
Sandinista Motorcycle with Eskimo…
Octagonal White House in San Juan …
Octagonal White House in San Juan…
View of the Bay from the White Hou…
View of the Bay from the White Ho…
Cathy in Panorama
Cathy in Panorama
Sunset in San Juan del Sur
Sunset in San Juan del Sur
Enjoying the Patio at Villas Paler…
Enjoying the Patio at Villas Pale…
Sunset from our porch in San Juan …
Sunset from our porch in San Juan…