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Crab Crossing at Casa Iguana
Wednesday, November 12
We liked lunch so much yesterday at at Elizabeth’s that we thought we would try breakfast there too.  Breakfast is really good at Casa Iguana but it is a pretty limited menu and we thought a change would be in order. Elizabeth’s was slow but good.  Somehow, they didn’t have any of the tasty island coconut bread and she ended up giving us a discount on breakfast which was kind of cute and unheard of.

Cindy has a full schedule today and headed off for her second dive which I found out later went much better than yesterday’s troubles with descent.  We might turn her into a diver yet!  While she was on her dive, I was drinking (no not rum coffee) with Kelly at the main house in Casa Iguana.
Weird big jellyfish (luckily they don't sting)
  Since I managed to break my card reader earlier in the trip, I haven’t backed up any photos onto my laptop which doesn’t have an SD slot.  Kelly was working on her laptop and I saw that it did have an SD slot.  We were talking about music and how she and Mark are getting tired of their collection on the island.  In order to foster international trade (not just to piss off the RIAA) I suggested that if she let me back my photos up to her laptop and then put them on a USB drive, I could let her peruse and “borrow” some music which she gratefully agreed to.

That afternoon, I joined Cindy for her 2nd dive of the day which was a deeper, 45 foot dive at a great spot called White Holes where there are three big white sand holes surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.  We saw a ton of wildlife like eagle rays, nurse sharks, lots of lobster and iridescent shrimp, trumpet fish, angels, etc.
Green Coral and Blue Tang on Little Corn Island
  It was really an awesome dive.  Carl’s hilarious quote of the day had something to do about the locals liking “solid” women which apparently means 350 pounds or more.  They do grow em big here…

I did check into night diving with Dive Little Corn but, since I didn’t do any training there, I would have to re-do the certification training that I just did yesterday in addition to paying a lot for the dive.  I talked to Carl and Adam at Dolphin Dive and they think they can probably throw something together for later in the week.  We just need to find at least one other paying diver so I will mention it to Ralf at the bar tonight.

We decided to venture out from the confines of Casa Iguana and had beers at Cuban restaurant north of the dock with a nice view of the sunset and a huge stack of lobster traps out front (that is what the boxes in the pinkish sunset picture are.  We hung out and both had Lobsters for dinner along with Tona Beers and Cuba Libres.  The lobsters were pretty good and we tried one Cuban Style and one in a Jalapeno sauce.  Life is good.

We ended up watching a movie in the Grand Casita and headed off to bed early happy to not have any more damned Scuba homework which was getting kind of old.

lrecht says:
Hey Charlene - nice to hear from you guys! Nicaragua was really great and we actually just got back from two weeks in the Yucatan and got to do some more diving. We are actually headed your way for Christmas to see Cindy's sister's family and her three little nieces.

Hope you guys are well and Happy Thanksgiving
Larry and Cindy
Posted on: Nov 27, 2009
cmgervais says:
I am thinking of a vacation here... Seems way off the beaten path, always a plus!
Posted on: Nov 26, 2009
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Crab Crossing at Casa Iguana
Crab Crossing at Casa Iguana
Weird big jellyfish (luckily they …
Weird big jellyfish (luckily they…
Green Coral and Blue Tang on Littl…
Green Coral and Blue Tang on Litt…
Sunset on Little Corn Island
Sunset on Little Corn Island
The dock on Little Corn Island
The dock on Little Corn Island
Lobster Traps at the Cuban Place o…
Lobster Traps at the Cuban Place …
Lobster Dinner Cuban Style on Litt…
Lobster Dinner Cuban Style on Lit…
Little Corn Island
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