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Wind Powered Electrical on Little Corn
Friday, November 14
Well today we head back to Managua and then on home.  We started with our final breakfast at Casa Iguana and asked Kelly about getting a late checkout but that wasn’t going to work since they had people coming in on the morning ferry.  We packed up the Grand Casita and dumped all of our stuff off at the main building and decided to try to walk all the way up to the north end of the island and do some more snorkeling and underwater picture taking.  Unfortunately, when we walked out from breakfast, someone had mistakenly put on my flip flops and left me theirs which were about four sizes to big.  There’s not that many people here so hopefully I can find them later on today.
More diving shots
  The weird thing is a month or two ago the exact same thing happened to me at home (at least that time it they were only a size to big or so since I never got the originals back).

The walk up the coast was somewhat hazardous getting around a few of the points but Bushman followed us the entire way up to Casa Sunrise, Derreck’s, Ensuenos and the other places up on the northern tip of the island.  I have seen other pictures of the wind-mill but thought it was pretty cool that in this remote part of Nicaragua, someone is ingenious and green enough to get free electricity.  I did a bunch of snorkeling at various reefs along the way, running into a pretty large barracuda on one which was a little bit freaky.  You can see in the picture, I managed to capture part of him as he jetted by me.
This baracuda was like two feet from me diving

I wanted to try to walk the rest of the way around the island but after a while, we hit a spot that was barbed-wired and Cindy refused to follow me under the wire – where is her sense of adventure? We walked back and ran into the Dolphin Dive boat taking some divers out and thought about trying to hitch a ride but then decided to walk down the dirt path through the middle of the island that they told us about.  It was a nice walk sort of through the jungle – the funniest thing was when a couple of the locals came trotting up the path and Bushman who was still accompanying us started growling at them.  They gave him a wide berth…

We got back to the main part of the island and decided to take one last snorkel dive where I managed to catch the spotted eagle ray cruising around the harbor.
Purple Fan Coral
  I tried to follow him but let’s just say that he could probably have kicked Michael Phelp’s ass swimming – at least I got a picture…

When we got back to Casa Iguana to grab our stuff, Kelly was sitting there kind of perplexed.  I guess she had accidentally erased our drink tally board before writing up a final bill.  We decided that we would have a couple of beers and mentally re-create it which ended up being pretty easy.  We packed up our stuff and trudged back through the jungle and sat at our favorite little spot in front of Dolphin Dive finishing off the last of the rum and thinking about heading home.  We did pop by Dive Little Corn and Noah was there waiting for a class to return from lunch.  Lo and behold, my flip-flops were there and I convinced her that the guy who mistakenly took mine would be happy to have his back.
Brain Coral

Right about that time, my phone email decided to kick back into action, buzzing furiously after a week out of range.  While enjoying the last bit of the rum, I saw an urgent email from my boss explaining that I may or may not have heard about the “events” at corporate but that I shouldn’t worry.  WTF!  Layoffs and I am about to hop on a boat to head back to the mainland and fly to Managua and head home.   Well I was not about to get laid off and end what could be an extended vacation without talking to him so I called his cell and got him.  He laughed when I explained that if I was getting whacked, I wanted to stay on the island and told me that I was safe and to “get your ass on the boat and get back to work”… Fantastic…

The boat ride back was totally glassy and a lot less bouncy than on the way out.
Casa Iguana sign
  We ended up talking with the two couples from Denver that we met earlier Arum, Carol, Jim and Cathy on the way and soon arrived on Big Corn where we hopped in a cab to the airport with a large, rasta cabbie.  Of course when we got to the airport, La Costena Airlines were at their helpful best and ushered us through the rigorous security (not).  We were a little confused as we had no boarding passes and eventually figured out that there were two flights going out and we were on the second one.  Two short hops in a questionable looking aircraft and we were back to Managua and headed to the Hilton.
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Wind Powered Electrical on Little …
Wind Powered Electrical on Little…
More diving shots
More diving shots
This baracuda was like two feet fr…
This baracuda was like two feet f…
Purple Fan Coral
Purple Fan Coral
Brain Coral
Brain Coral
Casa Iguana sign
Casa Iguana sign
Carls favorite Little Corn fish
Carl's favorite Little Corn fish
Spotted Eagle Ray that I followed …
Spotted Eagle Ray that I followed…
Life in Paradise (and ultimately t…
Life in Paradise (and ultimately …
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