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Managua Princess Hilton
Saturday, November 15
We checked in to the Hilton Princess Managua again just in time for the awesome happy hour they have in the executive lounge and ended up having appetizers and Tona’s.  Cindy wasn’t feeling well at all so we bailed on our initial idea of going back to the crazy disco/seafood place that we ate at last week with Rob and Cathy and hung out on the Heavenly Bed watching movies.  We watched some terrible piece of dribble that Keanu Reaves who has to be one of the worst actors on the planet was in – it was so bad that at this point (admittedly much later than I intended on finishing this blog…) we can’t even remember what it was about.

Once again, with not much to do until flight time, we opted for gorging at the awesome buffet in the lounge.
Hilton Miami Airport
  After a bit, Cindy went to the room and a one-armed Hispanic guy who was the only other guy in the lounge started chatting with me.  Apparently he imports lots of old business equipment from Florida and he and his partners are making a killing selling old equipment to behind the times Nicaraguans which seemed somewhat questionable.  Perhaps it had to do with his Dominican background.  He started showing me pictures of some of the “vacation” homes that they had around the country, all of which looked very nice until the pictures turned into the two professional prostitutes that he and his partner met.  I excused myself and headed back to the room…

We lazed around the room and watched a cool Marlin Brando documentary and some Charlie sheen movie as our vacation slowly wound down.  When we got to the airport, some guy at security took my little mini bottle of Tabasco (no doubt a useful terrorist weapon in the hands of the right criminal) and a pack of matches from my wanna-be Mayor buddy in Granada.  We walked through duty free without buying anything (Cindy gives me crap because I always have to look and then bitch about it not being a good deal and walk out without buying anything…) and hopped on the short flight to Miami where we are stuck for the night compliments of my friends at American Airlines who changed the schedule for our flights…

We hopped on the shuttle to the Hilton and had a marginal $75 dinner at the bar where the bar tender was nice enough but some skanky, overweight Nascar woman kept harassing the bartender and interrupting our dinner.  I guess there is some big race this weekend and she was mortified that we weren’t here for the race and didn’t know who Randy someone is (I think he is actually the guy who won…).  I don’t get that sport…  We ended up watching SNL in the Heavenly Bed in our very posh waterfront room.

Sunday, November 16
A long day of travel home but we made it.  A glorious but short vacation (especially compared to what we got used to on sabbatical).  Hope you enjoyed reading about it

Adios for now
Larry and Cindy
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Managua Princess Hilton
Managua Princess Hilton
Hilton Miami Airport
Hilton Miami Airport
photo by: swhayden