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The plane had to be defrosted because of the heavy snow fall.

This was the first time i have been to northen africa. Tunisia. This was the beginning of an addiction to arab countries.

I really did not now what to expect, so we went to schiphol for our adventure. During our cardrive to amsterdam the weather became worse and worse. Of course we were much to early at schiphol airport but we did not matter. Looking outside the window it was getting darker and grey. SNOW!!! I did not expect this. And of course delay! We flew with Transavia and that's a charter so we have to wait before the big airlines had taken off. But that was a problem. All the planes had to be defrosted. So finally we were allowed to get into the plane. But i wished we had waited at the terminal a little longer. Now we had to wait in line to be defrosted as well. And we were the last one!! Transavia gave us for the delay and extra drink.

arriving in Monastir!
That is not usuall for this airliner. Finally we took off. A lot of turbulence with my hot cup of coffee. Whenever i have a hot cup of coffee we will have turbulence. So my daughter forbid me to drink coffee on board! She does not like turbulance.

After flying for 2 hours we already arrived at Monastir airport. The normal time is almost 3 hours. Can you imagine how hard the wind was blowing? Al shaken we were reaching the runway, lucky us we had a save but bumpy landing. Afterwards we heard that the airport was closed the day before we arrived, because of the heavy wind.

And it stayed windy al the time while  we  were in monastir.It literaly was breathtaking.

You can see that the trees have been blown by the wind.

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The plane had to be defrosted beca…
The plane had to be defrosted bec…
arriving in Monastir!
arriving in Monastir!
Every night was a surprise what th…
Every night was a surprise what t…
photo by: Paulovic