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Italy, I hadn't been there once with my parents, but I don't remember a thing. I think, I was 4 years old. But now I went on holiday myself. I booked a trip to the Dolomites and stayed at a campsite at Lago Di Molveno, close to the small village Molveno. After 18 hours by bus I arrived at 6.30am at the campsite.

As soon as I arrived I made some new friends. We decided to do a lot of fun things together the following two weeks. I brought my own mountain bike and biked a lot in the area and round the lake. At some point I was biking a trail for an hour or so and it went up only. After a break, we continued. Still going up. Every now and then there was a view over the valley and the lake. 60 minutes later we were stilling going up and decided to go back. It was hot, middle of the day (I know, not the best time to go biking. It even worse if you don't know where you going...) and it didn't look like it was going to be easier. Fortunately the down hill was good. And fast! Within 15 minutes we were back at the start, which had took us for two hours. I did some biking the rest of the week, while the other prefered walking.

My new friends (Steven, Arnoud, Mieke, Jouke and Onno, all Dutch) and I decided to do a three day trip in de mountains with a via ferrata and a top at 3159 meters. First day we walked to the lodge Pedrotti at 2491m altitude. They have really good food here. After a few hours walking we were really hungry so we were happy with the good quality of the food.
Next morning we woke up at 5.30am and left at 6.30am to do the via ferrata. For those who don't know what this is: you wear a climbing harness and a helmet. With some slings and carabiners you're hooked on a steal cable at the wall. Like this you can pass dangerous paths without the risks of falling down the mountains. Check the pictures. This via ferrata is one of the highest in Europe. Great views and nice route round some peaks. This route starts close to the lodge at a snowfield. We didn't do the whole route, because that is way to long. Where we stepped off the route, it still continued. Where we stepped off we could take a ladder down or jump in the snow two meters lower... I thought, lets do that! So I jumped in the snow... Which was frozen! My heels sank down, but my toes stayed up... AUTSJ! I torn my ankle ligament. Luckily my boots saved me from a broken ankle. In the beginning I didn't even feel the pain, but it got worse and worse and worse. We walked back to the Pedrotti lodge. At the end I was in so much pain that tears were filling my eyes. Fortunately it was only 2,5 hours back to the lodge... I made it and my ankle was double size. I knew for sure I couldn't join them next day to the top, Cima Tosa at 3159m altitude. It was a big dissapointment. I knew too that I wasn't able to walk back to the campsite next day.
I gave my parents a phone call and asked them about my insurance. They always told me to have wide range for insurance. I'm happy I listened to them at that point. The case was I needed a helicopter to get off the mountain. The lodge owner called the hospital at Trento and next morning at 8am there was the helicopter to pick me up!!! Woohoo! I'd never flew before in a helicopter and since my life wasn't in danger I enjoyed the short trip really much! Within 10 minutes the helicopter landed close to the campsite and an ambulance was really to bring me to my tent at the campsite!!! My ankle wasn't that bad injured that I needed to go to the hospital and my insurance was so good that I didn't need to pay a cent.

Next few days I couldn't do much than enjoying the sun and try to swim a bit. My friends came back late at the end of the same day. They did make it to the top and had seen a beautiful sunset! I was lucky that I did some rock climbing, white water rafting and mountain biking before the small accident at the mountain happened. After a few days I was able to bike around a bit. It was far from mountain biking, but at least I could bike to the village Molveno and to some shoppings.

Two weeks flew by and it was time to go back home again. It was again a holiday to remember!

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