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One week of adventure sports and fun in the wilderness of a French Island: La Corse.

It was summer again! After my first year at the Sports Academy it was time for one hell of a deserved holiday.
Beach only holidays are not my kind of holiday. Party, getting drunk, go to the beach, have dinner and start all over again is a waste of time and money for me. So, I like to have it all: beach, party, mountains and sports. La Corse brings it all together. Allthough, this island has it all: rough nature (so space enough for adventure sports), culture, history, beaches and bars.

The way to La Corse was one I'll never ever do again the way I did it this time. It was an organized holiday by Labyrinth (a Dutch tour operator). I had to take the train to Utrecht (NL), were I got on the bus.

We picked up some more people in Eindhoven and from here we drove in 23 hours to Livorno (Italy). The bus driver wanted to drive fast. Even in de mountains and he cut the turns as much as he could. It was better to close my eyes, than watch him driving. We were two hours early for the ferry. The ferry ride was not too bad: four hours on a calm ocean, sunbading on the top deck and we saw some dolphins. That was pretty cool. After 23 hours bussing and four hours boating, you think you're finally there... How wrong could I be?? We arrived at Bastia but had to go to Calvi. A non-AC bus took us on a three hour drive with a temperature of 30 degrees Celcius... Leaving home 32 hours ago I finally arrived completely exhausted and stinky at the campsite.
.. Hell no, never travel this way again for only 1500km...  Something you do by 2,5 hours of flying...

Luckily a shower, BBQ and some beers helped to get the good spirit back. At night a campfire and gitar music kept us awake and we sang along for hours. Every day swimming in the ocean around sun set was perfect too.
The weather was hot, no rain at all. I like hot weather except for hot early mornings. We stayed at a campsite just outside Calvi. A ten minute walk to the city centre. We slept in small tents. So around 8.30am the tent was like an oven and we had to get out.
La Corse is perfect for outdoor adventure. It's rough, beautiful and peaceful. All adventure sports you wanna do are possible here. I did a mountain bike ride, did a lot of hours of hiking, rock climbing, sailing with stunning views on the island, parapenting of the mountains and watching the clifs, jeep tours into the interior of Corsica and visiting waterfalls and remote swimming pools with blue and green water, diving and snorkle and many more adventure activities.

It was no problem to be busy all day and having fun.
I did parapenting for the first time and it was so much fun. The winds were good, so we stayed in the air for 20 minutes (longer was not allowed, otherwise it was too cheap...). The landing was smooth and I definitely wanna do it again. The views were amazing. I saw cars in the clif and they looked as large as a toy. Much have been a horrible death driving of the clif, or it was a car dump from the mobs... you never know...

The trip was 8 days, but I left one day earlier than the rest group, because I was joining my parents and younger brother for another week in the south of France. So I took a ferry from Calvi to Nice and met my parents there. This way I was spared from another 32 hour journey to get home.

My parents and younger brother were patiently waiting at the docks of Nice and this is a place where many gay people and prostitutes walk around. My brother didn't understand in the beginning why the men were looking at my dad all the time and he tought that the women were dressed in weird clothes... Hahaha, he never seen something like that before...

We were supposed to have holiday in my parents holiday house, an hour drive from Nice. Unfortunately we couldn't stay long in the south of France because of forest fires that were devasting in this year (2004). Many parts were burned all the way and some regions were evacuated. So after two days we left to go to the Alps in the middle part of France, the mountains near Grenoble. A place a used to be as a kid every summer of my life until I was 17.

Not a bad place either. The weather was good: warm and sunny and that's enough to make me happy :-) We stayed another week at the campsite and I met many old friends. That was good fun. Unfortunately, because of the heat wave, we were not allowed to make bon fires at the beach... But a beer and a gitar made it a perfect week.

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photo by: heckakim