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Lenin's Musoleum
I've been inside all morning after spending most of the night tossing and turning in bed. I had met a TraveBuddy for coffee at the McCafe on Tverskaya near Pushkin Square and they didn't have decaf! In any event, I got to sleep at like 08:00. Then I woke up coz I was hungry. So I had to go to a 24 hour grocery store nearby. I ate, then went back to bed. It has also been raining all morning so plans on seeing Lenin inside the mosuleum went south. It would only be open to the public from 10:00 to 13:00 today. I checked online about seeing the body but got warning all over the place such as:

1. Guards will probably ask you for money seeing as you are a tourist and do not know any better, while the moselum is for free.

2. The line to see the body is long and doesn't move.
Kremlin Wall
There is no sense of order so if you are not pushy, you will not get in to see it. But there is a price to pay for displaying such actions.

3. You cannot go in with a bag/backpack or a mobile phone. So you can't take any pictures. [What good will that do if I can't prove it?]

4. You cannot smile, smirk or make comments. If you talk or smile or make inappropriate actions you can be detained. [I am starting to think that the sheer stupidy alone of lining up to see a dead body is funny and I might just smirk.]

5. You MUST appear somber like you really care that Lenin is dead and hope that one day he will rise and bring back the Soviet Union. [I can't make that face. :-( ]

6. Many speculations say now that it is not even Lenin anymore and it is just some mock up. But the embalmers still say it is.

7. A tourist is normally harassed here sometimes by cops but most of the time by tour guides and the locals that if you do not let them cut in front of you, they will threaten to call a random passport search which could potentially land you in jail (if your papers are not in order - mine is) or be fined (which is what will likely happen).

So with all of that, I realized that there are far too many rules for me to follow to see a dead man. And to top it all off, I have to stand in line for hours in the freezing rain as it had been all morning. Instead I decided to stay in my flat, sleep some more and go out later. But there is a catch...it is freezing rainy cold out. I have a rain jacket, but the cold wind still pierces through you (I went out earlier to get groceries). I need to go out to buy a sweater to keep warm from the bitter cold. But it is freezing out that I will need a sweater to go out. Talk about catch 22! Anyway, I will double of on the shirt like I did this morning. That wasn't so bad. The GUM is not that far from here. Maybe I will get a sweater there. Then go see Stalin. Apparently his body is on the Kremlin. I know he is the worse of the two but no one lines up to see him.
Biglush_23 says:
That sounds like a lot of work hahaha, i have been carrying a flask with lenin's head on the cap for over a decade now ^^ i think id like to take him (or her, i never asked) to see the real thing hahahaha!!!
Posted on: Oct 24, 2008
tj1777 says:
huh - stalin is behind the mausoleum and you have to wait inline to get there? or at least that was what I did.
Posted on: Oct 24, 2008
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Lenins Musoleum
Lenin's Musoleum
Kremlin Wall
Kremlin Wall
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