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Ben & Jerry's

It was about a half hour from Montpelier to the Waterbury, VT area where Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory is located. We got there parked and bought our tour tickets. We arrived just a handful of minutes before the next tour, so we didn’t have much wait.


The tour itself was so so. It started with a 15 minute movie telling us the Ben & Jerry’s story. The movie was informative and gave decent background on the history of the company. The next part of the tour showed us the production end. This part was definitely disappointing.

The nightmare equivalent of Mariyln Monroe popping out of a cake1
You couldn’t see much of anything. It’s a pretty small operation so everything could be viewed from the windowed hallway, where we were at. But, you couldn’t see anything very well. We did get to see the machine that put the lids on the pints of ice cream. That was kind of neat.


From there is was into another room, where we were given a sample of ice cream. It was some chocolate flavor that I had never had before. I liked it, and would have considered buying a pint. But when Margo and I went over to the ice cream case (which was tiny!) there was frost on about ÂĽ of the pints. As some one has eaten a lot of ice cream, I have learned to never buy ice cream with frost on it. This is a sure sign that the product has been thawed and refrozen. This almost always means the ice cream will be full of ice crystals and tastes like iced shit. Bad move by the guys who should no better.

The Flavor Graveyard. Enter if you dare!
Needless to say I was deflated. No Ben and Jerry’s fresh from the cow.


Oh, well. Life goes on. The sun was going down and we made a bee-line for the Flavor Graveyard. Ben and Jerry’s has about two dozen different flavors that they used to make, but don’t anymore. Usually they were discontinued because they didn’t sell.  Flavors like “Oh Pear”, “Urban Jumble”, “Rain Forest Crunch”, and “Makin’ Whoppie Pie” now have a tombstone in the Flavor Graveyard. The headstone has an epitapth in the form of a poem and the years the flavor was on your grocer’s shelf. Looking around there was worth about five minutes. Semi-interesting by there were only a couple of dozen headstones.


Our last official duty here tonight was to take a picture in the ice cream lid Photo Op.

The new Ben and Jerry
Just outside the exit is a very large Ben and Jerry’s lid from a pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Ben and Jerry’s faces have been cut out, so you can stick your face there and become ice cream moguls. There were two of us and two cut outs in the lid. Perfect match, huh? Buzzzzz. No one to take the picture. But, Margo had brought the tripod. After about three trys to figure out the timing feature of the camera we were successful.


This had been a pretty full day and we were tired. But, our day was not done. We still had to get to our hotel. It was well after 6 PM by now. Our hotel, because of tomorrow’s schedule was an hour and a half away. So even though we were getting hungry, we thought it best to get to St. Johnsbury and get checked in. We did, and then were directed to a nice restaurant, The Black Bear Tavern and Grill. We had a nice dinner and then went back to the hotel.  We had had a very full day today, and tomorrow would be nearly as packed.

bkretzer says:
It was a moral imperative to visit!
Posted on: May 21, 2009
sylviandavid says:
Ben & Jerry.... you had your priorities right!
Posted on: May 21, 2009
mellemel8 says:
i must go here!!!!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2008
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Ben & Jerrys
Ben & Jerry's
The nightmare equivalent of Mariyl…
The nightmare equivalent of Mariy…
The Flavor Graveyard. Enter if you…
The Flavor Graveyard. Enter if yo…
The new Ben and Jerry
The new Ben and Jerry
Flavor Graveyard. We cheated and c…
Flavor Graveyard. We cheated and …
Ben & Jerrys outside seating
Ben & Jerry's outside seating
Gettin dark
Gettin' dark
The Ice Cream Mobile. The orginal …
The Ice Cream Mobile. The orginal…
That raven looks stoned.
That raven looks stoned.
How did I miss this flavor when it…
How did I miss this flavor when i…
Poor dead flavors. They look lonel…
Poor dead flavors. They look lone…
I wonder when they bring one of th…
I wonder when they bring one of t…
photo by: princeza_9