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Hot and dusty!

We rode with the Detectives in the back of their car.  In front of us was a truck filled with soldiers and behind us was an armoured car.  These guys were serious about our safety alright and it finally dawned on me that we may have been a little hasty wandering about Minya in the dark last night.

I hadn't really spoken to Pavel about the details, I had left that to E&M, but I had heard that he had travelled this area inside a tank.  I guess being by himself it was easier to do that than have the convey the 3 of us were being escorted by.

We arrived at the ferry terminal in time for the departure of the ferry but we were required to buy our tickets for entry to the historical sites and there was again some serious discussion to be had.  This time it was me that took the lead whilst E&M purchased their tickets.

View of village from outside the tombs
  The ferry operator was all set to cut out across the river, telling me my friends were too slow and we'd have to catch the next ferry.  In the end the police had a wee chat to him and he reluctantly allowed us to board.

This area has been incredibly inhospitable and I find it odd to think these operators would be making enough of a living from the local trade alone.

The Rock Tombs of Beni Hassan were very different from anything we'd yet seen in Egypt.  Overlooking the valley from up here outside these cave tombs, we could see the village laying down by the Nile.  The village was made up of mud huts of a different construction from anything we'd seen before as well.  They all looked like little beehives spread below.

After we'd had our tour of the tombs we headed back to the river and awaited the ferry.  After another tense crossing we were bundled back into our police car and driven to the train station where we were going to jump a train through to Cairo.

I heard in the news less than a year later that a tour bus had been blown up killing more than 60 tourist.  12 years on now and I wonder if the trouble has decreased or if it as bad as ever?

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Hot and dusty!
Hot and dusty!
View of village from outside the t…
View of village from outside the …
The tank outside Eds window -if o…
The tank outside Ed's window -if …
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