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Mandy and I

Back in Thornbury we had plenty of wedding stuff to get on with.  Darryn was working right up 'till the day before and then he and Kim were to go to Amsterdam for their honeymoon.

Kim had things of her own to do but had plenty of friends and family to help her with the tasks. 

Darryn was a pretty good organiser so I didn't have to worry too much about loose ends.  We did the suit fitting in Bath and I guess that was the most difficult thing, but only because it meant a day trip there and back.  Good excuse ofor a pub lunch anyway, right?!

In between time Darryn would take me, or Kim and I to various spots around the countryside in his courier van, or on weekends.

Chrissy, Mandy, Me, Jo and Tony. Happy birthday Mandy!
  It was great because I got to see some of the English towns I hadn't seen before.

I also caught up with Tony and his familty in Bristol City.  That was really great too.

Tony's cousin, Mandy, was having a barbeque to celbrate a birthday and we'd all been invited along to that.

We got there in the early afternoon and Tony's Da was at the grill doing what had to be done to the meat.  That left me to get a few bevvies under my belt.

Kellie, Tony's sister had enjoyed chatting to me when I was here in 1992 and this was the first I'd seen of her since my return.  We spent the whole afternoon and evening chatting, chatting,chatting... and of course drinking!  By the end of the night it was time for Kel to head home so I offered to walk her.
Not sure which photographer we should smile at

It was dark and we were still talking all the way to her place (which actually wasn't that far) but when I came home I got a bit confused in the park and ended up taking a wrong turn.  Tony found me backtraking my steps and pointed me in the right direction.  A new city and a head full of intoxicant doesn't make for good navigation I guess!

Anyway the barbeque was still in full swing when we got back and I quickly realised I was NOT the most trashed man there.  One of Tony's mates was there and he was well written off.  So much so he was making a bit of a fool of himself with the birthday girl but she was sober enough to keep him in check.

We danced the night away and I wouldn't have a clue what time it was when we returned to Tony and Jo's place and crashed out.  Don't know what time we got up either, late I should think!!!!

The wedding went superbly.
Jo, Tony & Kellie congratulate the happy couple
  It was early in the morning that Darryn and I were up and standing in front of my camera in the park behind the flat, getting a snap of us looking very smart.

We met everyone at the Registry Office in the city and I must say the age of the building and the efficiency of the system meant it was as smooth as we could hope.

I'd met many of the friends and family over the past few days so I was chatting away to everyone and they were snapping photos of my in my best bid and tucker.

Kellie had come down for a peek and stayed 'till after the service as well.  Darryn asked her if she wished to attend the reception later in Thornbury and she accepted.

At the reception my job as best man really kicked in.  I had done the odd thing getting a couple of people organised at the service but even then I had time to grab some great shots of the newly weds.

The reception saw Kellie grab me and never let me go.  I tried to keep her in her seat as I went about my tasks, organising who was speaking, making sure things were set with the venue -meals on schedule, rooms booked and set for those who needed them, taxis book for those leaving etc.

My own speech went over pretty well and everyone was delighted with the whole affair but as the night progressed I was getting a few grumbles about the manner of my dancing with Kel.  She'd been enjoying the wedding drinks in between drgging me to the dance floor.  At the end of the night she dragged me off the the stairs up to the rooms and got down to some serious chatting.

I told her I was not booked into the hotel and would be walking home to Kay's flat when everone else was sorted.  The Hotel was about 4 miles from Thronbury village so I was in for a good hike.
  I tried to get Kel to understand this but she didn't believe me, even when Tony and Jo were in their taxi about to head back to Bristol.  I couldn't get Kel into the taxi and niether could Jo or Tony.

She and I walked the 4 miles back to Kay's.  All the way she moaned and groaned about the hike but I had no sympathy.  By the time we got there the sun was coming up and she was half way to sober.  She rang for a taxi and we had to wait another hour or so before it came back out from Bristol to return her there.

A very success ful event I think!

homeres says:
Amsterdam for a honeymoon?, i never thought of A-Dam as romantic, but okay : )
Posted on: Dec 07, 2008
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Mandy and I
Mandy and I
Chrissy, Mandy, Me, Jo and Tony.
Chrissy, Mandy, Me, Jo and Tony. …
Not sure which photographer we sho…
Not sure which photographer we sh…
Jo, Tony & Kellie congratulate the…
Jo, Tony & Kellie congratulate th…
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