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Ed & Mariel completing morning ablutions

From the village we cut back out into the Nile and continued our zig-zagging North towards Luxor.

It was a beautiful summer day on the river and we lazed back in the little felucca whilst Fati and Nasir took turns at the tiller. 

Our destination today was the Temple at Edfu

We weren't far away so within an hour or so we had put into the shore and leaving the captain and his first mate on board, Ed, Mariel, Pavel and I tossed a bottle of water in our daypacks with our cameras and started off along the road towards the temple.

This is the most memorable sights of all those I visited during my visit to Egypt.  This temple, dedicated to Horus, was buried beneath the desert sands until excavation by Mariette in the 1860s.

Temple of Horus outer corridor. Until 1860s this temple was buried beneath sand

Wandering about the mammoth structure, I wondered at how much sand it would take to hide such an incredible structure. 

I took a few photos here and there but the simple size of the place made all the shots seem flat and only one where I was able to capture Ed & Mariel in the corridor gives a good enough impression of grandeur.

I understand there are still hundreds of sites not yet uncovered by the Egyptians.  They don't have the funding to excavate so they must await an offer from more affluent countries wishing to fund the work. 
  Personally I would love to assist with the movement of sand if I was part of uncovering such an historical edifice.

We explored as the sun crept higher into the sky.  We had to keep track of time due to Nasir's timetable, but we also had another temple to visit before we'd be tying up for the night.
Too hot for me!

It really wasn't enough time to do justice to this place.  Especially now that I know it was the most impressive of all.

As we headed back through the small town of Edfu toward the river we wilted in the heat of the sun. 
  Slurping mouthfuls of warm water didn't really do much to relieve me but then we caught up to two women walking along the main street.

The women were draped head to toe in black robes.  I was cooking in my shorts and t-shirt and I wondered how many layers these ladies had of this dark material drawing more heat from the sun than my white cotton ever would.

Back on the boat and out on the water the baking heat of the land was again forgotten - this was true relief!

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Ed & Mariel completing morning abl…
Ed & Mariel completing morning ab…
Temple of Horus outer corridor.  U…
Temple of Horus outer corridor. …
Too hot for me!
Too hot for me!
Pavel from Czech
Pavel from Czech
photo by: mario26