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St Pancras Station

Christine and I enjoyed an easy couple of days in Oxford together but I was due to continue my travels to The States on the 4th Aug. and she was heading to an archeological site in Siberia on the 2nd.  It meant that our joy was tinged with sadness.

I collected my gear from the YHA and returned to her rooms as Queens College. 

We discussed poetry and literature and she gave me a copy of a poem she had written as she watched me sleep beside her in bed the previous night. 
  In the afternoon Christine had another lecture to attend and I wandered off to explore the city and visit a couple of it's famous museums.  When we met up again for dinner we kept it simple and quick.  Being in public seemed to distract us from one another and it seemed our 3 years of being penfriends had flipped to an extreme opposite and the emotion of it was overwhelming beneath the cloud of our imminent separation.

Tommy at the Shaftesbury Theatre

The following day we had to be in London where Christine was interviewing a woman in relation to her thesis.  We drove there and she dropped me at the Portebello Road Market, best known for it's antiques.  I spent the hour whilst Christine was interviewing sorting through silverware and cutlery and managed to find the most beautiful silver pickle fork for a few quid.

That night we stayed in a B&B near St Pancras Station where we were both heavy with a sense of loss.
  Next morning Christine wanted to show me "her' London.  We went out for breakfast and she produced a gift of two books for me, one being "The English Patient", which she had been fortunate enough to work with as part of the writing team on the Attenbourgh film.

Afterwards we climbed Primrose Hill and sat on a bench at the top, overlooking the city.

I had arranged to meet Darryn and Kim at a nearby tavern for lunch.  They had returned from their honeymoon and this was my chance to bid them farewell before I left the UK.  Darryn's Ma and Pa were also having lunch with us.  They were heading directly back to NZ.  It seemed we were all saying good bye.

I introduced Christine to everyone.  D&K knew all about her of course, but Darryn's folks were surprised.  They had always taken an interest in my romances and this one seemed all the more interesting due to Christine's age and the distance we were apart.
  I guess the romance of our meeting and the story to this point appealed to Darryn's Ma too.

The next day I was alone in London again.  I tried to arrange to meet Dione but she was busy with a family thing and wasn't available.  I had hoped she'd be able to join me at the Shaftsbury Theatre where  The Who's rock opera "Tommy" was playing.  Unfortunately I attended alone but I certainly wasn't disappointed.

Tommy was a show I had been introduced to when I was 11yo by my Creative Dance teacher.  I still find the music very powerful and the remake of the show was equally thrilling from start to finish.
  Except for not being able to share the day with anyone, I couldn't think of a better event to celebrate my 29th.

Next day I got up early and made my way to the airport for my flight to Miami.  So far this trip had been a huge success.  I'd seen my best friends get married, caught up with some fantastic friends, visited and been wowed by Egypt and made lots of new friends along the way.
  The best thing was I still had a month left to run.

goezi says:
Yeah, it really was a great show Roger. It won an award for best new production on the Westend that year but sadly it was poorly attended and didn't stay running very long.
I'd love to stag it though -great show!
Posted on: Dec 11, 2008
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St Pancras Station
St Pancras Station
Tommy at the Shaftesbury Theatre
Tommy at the Shaftesbury Theatre
photo by: ulysses