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Around 4 PM, we arrived at Donsol, Sorsogon. This town looks like any normal Philippine town where the sikad (tricycle, local version of tuktuk) rules the road. On an off Butanding season, this town is a sleepy place with nothing much activities happening. But during the months of February to May, people are pouring to this town for one reason: Butanding!

We arrived quite tired from the 10 hour travel from Manila to Legaspi and another 1 hour trip to Donsol. There's nothing else to do in the afternoon except to kill time. As we settled to our rooms, we were advised that there's a compulsory briefing at the Butanding Office.
If you want to swim with the whale shark, it is required that you register to the office, this is a good way to control the number of people interacting with the shark. Luckily, our hotel is just next to the office. The briefing was an one hour (or less??) video presentation about the town of Donsol - the importance of the ecosystem of the town, Butanding - it's discovery, early slaughter and the eventual protection of these fishes. It was a good presentation, never boring.

After the briefing was our dinner in our hotel followed by get-to-know-you thing among the travel group. Since most of us didn't know each other, that was the time that we get to be introduced. Naturally, I got closer to the group addicted to nicotine. :) After the dinner, we went for the firefly cruise along the Donsol river, it was a 15 minute bangka ride from our hotel.
It was a good experience, a playful yet a rather silent nightlife. The gender of fireflies, according to our guide can be determined by the duration of their spark, those that last for 2 seconds are the female while the ones that lasted for 5 seconds are the male flies. Male fireflies die after mating, a reality that scares most of the man on the trip. :) hahaha. I wonder what happens to the gay fire flies... maybe they die of old age... Tehehe

After the cruise, our travel lead brought some bottles of gran ma, a local brandy and coke. I like it, it is a close cheaper version of JD and coke for me. :) By midnight, we were almost wasted and the veranda of our cottage was trashed. I went to our room, slept on the extra mattress. Set my alarm to 6:00 AM - to start early the following day for the most important part of the trip....
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